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Not sure when customer service, civility, and hospitality became associated w/weakness or less than desirable traits. Sorry, being cut throat & abrasive in general, and toward someone you first meet (professionally) is sad. No wonder many aspects of our society are in trouble & no wonder why we seem to be in business of cultivating a mentally ill nation.

Just ran into a male that was unprofessional in business environment. I expect more from people in such places and leadership roles. Sad indeed…


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i don’t hate the world today

just you

your absentee affection

that follows you around

leaving you numb to even the joy

you have found

yet foolish hope befalls me

where ever i go

perhaps some day my heart will harden

and i will be free

of your existence

and my misery

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it’s funny to me how we’re so quick to get rid of an animal. we can say it’s tearing up the place, a terror, disobedient, etc. perhaps with obedience training, said animal could improve and/or be better. some animals, like people, don’t always get along w/everyone and only mesh w/certain personality types, etc.

another thing, it’s funny we’re so quick to get rid of an animal, yet we still nurse and maintain various unhealthy relationships w/friends, family or loved ones. it’s funny b/c in many cases, the relationship w/the pet would be the healthier one to be had- assuming person is not abusive and cruel, etc.

as i write this i am thinking of my new cat Pippa. she is very weary of people, she is young- 8 mths. old, and is jumpy. now many would think to get rid of her but for some reason, she has adopted me and responds to me. she purrs and meows to say hi & follows me. oddly enough, she also follows my father around and he barely has contact with her. some people just have this aura that animals want to be around i suppose. in any case, i know Pippa is not perfect but she still needs love and a home. she has a better chance with me than she does outside on her own and in a shelter, etc. i will do my best to be there for her and be a good mommy to her, haha. i have to say she is doing well. she wanders the house and has already found her comfort spots to sleep in house. she’s funny. more to come later on Pippa’s progress.


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my soul can easily devour a good violin-

sharp stabs and broad sweeps of the bow,

is where my power animal often goes…

but every now and then

a bevy of sadistic thoughts scatter in,

and a murder of imbeciles-

of bastard impotent boys

trapped in the stench of decaying youth,

tickle my fancy, and shake my nerves with laughter.

thick, vividly morose liquids splatter the array of my shiny soldiers

as I dismember and disembowel the once indifferent bi-pedal sacks of

maggots, flies, and false pretenses.

where was I now, about my soul and a good violin…

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so this week has sucked. it began well. i had an interview that was to lead to a 2nd that week and i was going to see the guy i had been seeing since jan.

later that night it all went to crap.

w/o going into detail, the evening w/person i had been looking forward to seeing went awry somehow- not sure what happened actually- in holding pattern on that matter. i hope things pan out b/c 1- i did like his company & 2- i do care about him.

the job thing seemed to spring forward from meh evening.

i got a call the following morning saying that they needed to reschedule the 2nd interview- i still have not heard back and had even sent an email asking what’s up so to speak. monday i shall call them to see what is up- hopefully they will see i am eager to have job and schedule a 2nd interview soon!

just feeling pretty glum b/c i am at mercy of others- this is a common thread in my existence since my birth.

just venting. i do realize things could be way worse but it would be nice to feel more at ease about things at dis ease ūüė¶

good vibes apply within if you can spare them & if you know how i am feeling…

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with the soon to be released Breaking Dawn, part one coming out in the matter of an hour, lol and with so much protesting and such filtering our minds, i figure i’d take up the topic of love. one of my fb peeps had the question noted above as her post and many chimed in w/their musings on the subject. now i do not think there is a right or wrong way to describe love or how to love; however, i do think that there are basic “golden rules” which apply. ¬†i think everyone if given the choice, wants to be loved w/the best intentions in mind and be treated in a reasonable way. i think both guy and girl would like to find someone that “gets them” and that meshes with them- physically and mentally, if not entirely emotionally. so it’s w/this basis that i continue with: Do you think a “forever” kind of love exists?

I can only speak about my own experiences mind you but I think “forever love” does exist in some form. for sake of this blog i am only going to speak of the love one has for someone in romantic &/or¬†soul-mate¬†sense of word. however, i will say that i think a forever love can exist when you meet friends and others- romantic tendencies aside. i feel that there is a level of attraction in all relationships- platonic and otherwise and that often we meet people that just trigger that, no matter what response/forever kind of love.

but back to the soul-mate &/or romantic and forever love; many a time i have met a guy and for whatever reason we click. many of these guys have played the role of lover for a time but have since gone the way of the dinosaur. this has happened b/c of: timing, location- he lives one place and i live in another, family, work, etc. but then there are some people that no matter what seems to cross your paths, you have deep connections with and just this constant affinity for, a sincere affinity for that comes out when you are near them and it is like a warmth or feeling of bees in your gut. painful as it can be, it’s still oh so good. it is this that i speak of; for me i’ve met a few people that i’ve deemed as my Muses b/c no matter where they are and what they’re doing, for me, i will always have a soft spot for them. the feeling has not changed and that is the key thing. i still have the need to want to help them, spend time w/them, and most of all protect them! these are people i can come in contact with after time apart and that bond just stirs up again and the energy just flows to my mind and throughout my body. however, of those- i like to call them my Four Muses of the Apocalypse, lol… one stands out as my soul-mate. btw, soul-mates do not necessarily have to be

now i must say i am a very emotionally charged person and believe it or not i keep a lot of it in check as best as i can by writing or through other creative avenues, but when i’m around my favorite, i turn into a big gooey cookie and there is no hope of me bothering with others- “sad” to say but true. this person has been there for me even when i think even they did not want to be but still love or something like it, keeps them my constant companion. we met many moons ago and it was a simple meeting and though i was smitten by others at time, i found myself being more drawn to certain company. i am not sure why this happened. it’s not like i put in an order for it or it smacked me over head. it just happened and the more and more i spent time w/them, the more i realized how special they were and how awesome they were. now as we all know, people are not perfect- i of all people am very far from being perfect but often i think we can meet others that eventually come to share our world, and that existence is and has become perfect. the perfection and often sense of even “foreverness” comes from the fact that two energies at motion, often within different orbits, come together when they do and order perhaps is created out of chaos. perhaps it is the times apart and the conflict which keep the energies so drawn to one another- i don’t know. what i do know is that the key is that you can not imagine life w/o them b/c of that conflict endured, joys¬†encountered¬†and not knowing of what the future holds. i think that is what also makes life beautiful and evil all at once- the fact that time and outside factors can take it all the way. if that happens the physical foreverness may be gone but i feel that the energy that lingers is what we can¬†experience¬†long after the person leaves our side or when both entities are gone- permanently or otherwise.

too often in society we are all about: me me me and i i i but with a forever love there is the possibility of being more than ourselves and being there for another being that needs our being to be a better person, etc.  the forever love starts as basic love but through time and life, has grown to mean so much more to them and possibly others that share that space. it is an energy that touches few and wants to be held by so many. i think you have to be open and willing to let it grow in any direction, like a tree.

i realize i may have gone off topic but i tired to topic, if only for a short while, haha.

i also realize i was a little vague about my source of inspiration but that’s b/c while i may seem to just be open about everything there are certain things that i can’t even begin to gush about.



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so back in 2004 i went into pets mart, looking for a cat to adopt. now i have a preference for black cats but always seem to gravitate toward tabbies. well i came upon this lil’ tortoise tabby that nipped at me and i thought, didn’t like me. this is when the lady stepped up and told me- oh she’s just being flirty with you is all she’s doing; she seems to like you!

what i thought she was doing was trying to attack me by biting at my hand and swatting at me like a damn mouse! i thought the lady was crazy but after awhile i continued to play w/the flirty kitty. my last cat was a tabby too but more of a tiger tabby than tortoise- they’re both names used to describe the patterns on the cat’s fur, etc.

*       *       *

fast forward to the present: she’s made herself at home and has adopted my family as her own. my father is the one she follows more than me. she’ll roam about the house and then fall asleep someplace but the minute she hears him walking about or talking or especially going to bed after watching tv, she runs to see him and greet him by hovering by his feet until he¬†acknowledges her. it’s pretty cute and amusing to watch. she doesn’t even do that for me.

when she’s not doing that she sleeps in one of her “spots”: a giant stuffed ladybug, a catbed in my room, a cat bed under a table near the couch i watch tv on, a chair which she’s napping in above w/a mouse i might add- oooh, scandalous, lol; and various spots on the floor and for whatever reason, in the closet in my parent’s room.

the thing i find amusing about her is how much her behavior is much like my own. now i know i am not a cat (despite one of the thoughts i had expressed to me some time ago) however i still find it how pets and their owners often act or look alike, lol.

she’s a lot like me- i like people but sometimes don’t want them directly in my business so to speak. my cat, likes to sit by me but not on my lap or have me hold her- she likes her space is what i guess i’m getting at… and so do i despite what some may think. there are only very few people i can be around for extended periods of time.

she also is as moody as i am and gets both nippy and flirty, sometimes at the same time, lol.

she also seems to be a picky eater. i tend to try things but usually i stick to my usual suspects.

as far as appearance goes, i’m brown and i guess that matches some of the colors on her, lol- only she’s not mexican but a tortoise tabby- and she has prettier eyes than me, lol…

stay tuned for¬†future¬†blogs where i talk¬†about¬†my cat’s ninja abilities- i swear she’s Deadpool in disguise, her involvement in the mewocenaries, and an interview b/c yeah, i’m convinced she has a secret life, lol. (mind you i’m just amusing myself w/these last ones as well as any cat owners that may also suspect their feline is plotting something ūüėČ

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