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so- where do i begin…

much to my surprise, on the day i got food poisoning and was feeling very very bad, i got a message from someone on site i threw a profile on.

from that message came request to chat w/me outside of dating site. i said sure, why not?

chatting…. more chatting… more chatting…. every night chatting…

then comes the thing that reduces perfectly functioning people to heaps of jello or shy lil’ cheeky monkeys- the first meeting or date- whatever you choose to call it.

so since i’m a planner-type person, i throw out ideas and we settle on meeting at an irish pub w/tasty yummies. we meet but then something odd happens- a guy walks up where i am sitting (at bar that is sectioned off in little areas- in divider-ish like fashion) and i think it’s my companion for the evening but BAM- i have to double takes b/c i swear the guy is or looks strongly like my ex. i was like- wtf?! no way not now! he looked at me and shook his head and then began texting up a storm. now, i never said a damn word to him, just tried to be civil- in the event it was him and also b/c i felt slight desire to go all UFC on his ass!

so after awhile sitting there i freaking order a drink! time passes and then my date shows up. i felt so relieved. even w/my date showing up- guy/ex/whathaveyou STILL sticks around to hover around and i’m like really dude? shoo shoo, th bar is not That packed- just weirdness… however, i stand my ground!

whether or not this is asshole- or cruel joke of fate to put someone there looking like someone that caused me much pain, i am not moving. i am here to enjoy my time.

so anyway…

my date & i begin to eat and then clown shoes goes away- finally!

date cont. and we hit up some fave haunts of mine and then meet up w/two friends of mine that were out and about as well. normally i don’t throw fish into fryer that soon but after last debacle in “love”, i wanted to see if early warning detectors picked up anything… they didn’t.

yadda yadda yadda- our orig. plan to meet one day turned to an evening out and a day and then grew from there  🙂

hopefully, things will only get better 🙂

stay tuned!


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hmmm, so it would seem that i am much more successful this time around w/my online dating experience. successful in sense of me actually conversing with someone i actually meet.

i’ve been in peace talks- lol,  with a young man that sounds interesting and seems to be my cup of tea. for one, he’s got tattoos and two- he’s got piercings. he also has fiddled w/cars (been a mechanic) in the past so he is able to draw that part of me out. overall he covers the areas i am intrigued w/naturally.

the nice thing is- he is the one that messaged me first and my fave thing he has said so far is: i’d be an idiot not to meet you.

yes… good… good. lol.

so it would seem the game is afoot and i look forward to where this may take me.

game- and he plays chess too- huzzah!


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so i just got this chat message from this guy that was all- hey gorgeous and instantly my shit-dar goes off. i then get into sarcastabitch mode and say- hi. then he asks why i’m up or what i’m doing- i forget, all i know is that i tell him i am about to go to bed- 1- b/c i was meh to his presence and 2- i have been trying to be good about going to bed earlier than normal. normal for me is 4 or 5 am as a bedtime and then when in rare form- 6am 😉

but i digress, so i guess my answers were not sexy enough for mr. shitapple- little shitapples grow up to be big ones, lol…

So, he then decides to ignore me and not cont. conversation or end it like an adult would. my shit-dar was right 😉

BUT, i noticed i got a message from a guy that’s fairly attractive in pic/has some features i generally dig in first glance of guys.

and now, the game’s afoot.

stay tuned my dear Watson and be at the ready, i may need your help w/a clever disguise or two 😉

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nothing- gee surprise there, lol.

anyhoo, i did get some replies but no one seriously caring to meet me- just amsue me w/idle chat until something pops up better than me.

wait, actually i did get a guy that really wanted to meet me but he was not my type. i was a big girl and after i saw he was wanting to meet me, etc. i gently let him down.

other than that i figure i would put up more pictures of me 🙂 unlike most people that put up three and often not very good ones i might add- i put 8- yes 8 damn pictures! why? well i am not stupid- people are very visual. we see something that catches our eye and we gravitate toward it like a bear after a hiker (please don’t let me encounter a bear next time i go to keystone) *prays*…

anyhoo, i digress- oh yes- about pictures- so i hope that putting out more pretties means i may attract more potential dates. this is all i hope to accomplish from this social experiment called online dating. i don’t expect to find my soul mate- found that already though it’s not like i can marry him, but if anything i can get out there and meet new males and possibly widen my social circle.

i even got some cute little dresses if i make it to that level.  😀  so cont. to cheer me on or if you are a meanie like i tend to be from time to time- root for my ass to fail, either way what happens next should be interesting.

i wonder if a guy like Deadpool is on the site???

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so due in part to the New Year upon us and perhaps mainly b/c of fact I can’t have what I want it seems, I’ve decided to venture online and see what’s out there.

In effort to prep myself for onslaught of messages from dumb guys mixed w/those of thoughtful ones, I am beginning a work out routine, making an effort to sleep better, reading each night before bed- at least two chapters of something, making an effort to eat better- at home at least, and making more efforts to write via blog and see about getting my poems published. I think these coping mechanisms are more for my benefit than anything. I am attempting to work up a merry cloud of ch’i to sustain me during New Year and weary dating world.

So far, I recreated a profile on a site and am pleased with my answers this time around to their personality questions. They are more thoughtful and offer more in terms of what I can and won’t put up with. Still, I have since received the inevitable replies of: so are you a good kisser, I’m in town at this hotel until such and such date, do you want to hang out?- No, okay, guess you’re not interested then- Do you want to meet up? (the last three thoughts were from same guy)… I felt like Charlize Theron’s character- Rita, from Arrested Development when Michael Bluth is trying to ask for her help in Wee Britain, and she says, I’m not a prostitute.

When I read the guy’s messages I thought- seriously?! While a bucket of sass, I am no prostitute. he obviously did not read my profile. As for the guy that asked if I was a good kisser- well, I can’t type what I would’ve told him here unless there was a “beep” insert to block my honest but slightly callous reply.

guess, I better answer more questions so I can get more matches and in theory, be matched via personality… more to come.

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