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each tattoo i see

each bullet i feel,

pierces my protective shell,

and reminds me of you.

i often toss in bed at night

and wonder why my dreams

offer me such a fright.

i think it may be 

my psyche

that seeks

a protector to thwart 

the darkness away…

it’s queer to me

since you are the epitome

of the anarchist in me.






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he tripped over the fields of stupidity

the ticks and ants nibbled on his vulnerability

bruises and cuts mark his bravery

some are hidden from the idiocracy

society mocks his existence-

tells him to sit to beg or to roll over

but he stands tall

and lets his anger

reign over all

that might

oppose him



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the needle buzzes in my ear

and bashes my heart back into feeling

a voice travels above the noise of the tv

and punches my gut into believing

there is hope for this lost soul

aboard a ship of spastic despair

surrounded by awkward friends

sometime- bastards

and perpetual fools

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in the morning

i curl up in my blanket of tattoos

the colors pop all around me

the words roll through me

i wrap myself deeper in warmth and soft skin

the lines and shading draw me deeper

*       *       *

an unlikely alice i trip into

my inked beauty

until i stop at the subtle cheshire cat grin

that never fails to coax me in

the hatter within is smashing plates and cups left and right

tea pours out in shades of red

a motley scene though not one of fright

but of restrained creation

during our lonely flight.

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