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1- The Sound of Music

2- The Wizard of Oz

3- Gone with the Wind


5- The Goonies

6- Sex in the City, 1 & 2

7- The Scream series of crap

8- The Paranormal Activity piles of poop

9- Aladdin, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland

10- Titanic & Avatar

Okay, it’s more than 10- couldn’t help it…


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10- Is this the part in The Godfather when everyone dies?! I thought this was a christening.

9- That organ music is too loud, hippies.

8- Where’s the guy selling: The God Squad t-shirts?!

7- Wait, why are the priests and others, talking like Oprah just before she gives you free cars and trips?

6- I was promised hash browns when I got to church!!!

5- People bring their noisy kids, so why can’t I bring my cat Cinnamon?!

4- How many collection envelopes do I need?! Why are there different colors?!

3- When does the Ancient Aliens guy get here?

2- I thought, Midnight Mass was a metal band.

1- WHEN WILL Jesus bring the pork chops?!


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1- jeremiah whatever ads. really zz top is going to plug some crap that i’d kick a guy in balls if he were drinking?

2- progressive ads- i hate flo- she needs to go home & …

3- when did bravo become the whore channel? nothing but those housewhores of whatever city they decide to show the ugly of…

4- when did history channel become the hillbilly and/or redneck channel?

5- the state farm ads where idiot keeps wrecking car; stop driving and take the bus.

6- e trade commercials- get rid of the damn baby! seriously, not everyone is enamored with children and/or anything involving babies selling services, etc.

7- the capitol one ads w/jimmy fallon. he wasn’t funny on snl & he’s made even less funny w/a stupid baby.

8-  mtv- it’s more annoying now it’s become- yes your daughter is a whore and here is why channel…

9- A&E- where did the arts & entertainment go? i miss TLC, History and A&E from back in day; i miss my documentaries and nerdy tv 😦  anything that would get my brain going hmmm, etc.

10- what the hell happened to snl? it use to be worth staying home on a sat. night. use to be!


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1- conversation between Michael & Fredo in the boathouse of how Fredo is an epic failure.

2- Fredo’s death- ’bout time.

3- when Michael tells Tom Hagen he doesn’t want to wipe everyone out, just his enemies & tells him that history has taught us that you can have anyone killed.

4- when Michael tells Fredo- i know it was you, etc.

5- when Michael shuts the door in Kay’s face, as she is wrapping up her visit w/their kids 🙂

6- When a young Vito (& hot-looking DeNiro) & a young Clemenza, steal a rug.

7- When young Don Vito talks to a slum lord about letting an old widowed woman stay, dog included- lol…

8- the flashback sequence at end of film; most of the family is at table awaiting Don Vito so they can celebrate his birthday

9- when Michael sees Connie during his son’s First Communion party- lol

10- the way young Vito interacts with Young Mama Corleone- it’s so sweet & their scenes are brief but it’s quite the contrast to Kay & Michael’s relationship…

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In honor of the 40th Anniversary of The Godfather & AMC’s week-long showing of the saga, I thought I’d create a list of my top ten faves from films- in no particular order!

1- the horse head scene; it varies from the book, in which i believe the head is placed on one of the four posts of the bed.

2- Michael shooting the police captain & sollozzo in restaurant- i use to have poster of this 😉

3- Don Vito telling Fontane to, “act like a man”…

4- “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

5- When Sonny gets a package that means: Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. (is dead)

6- When Luca Brasi is practicing his “speech” for Don Vito/When he finally offers his devotion to the Don & his wishes that his daughter have a masculine child. – i like to tell newly married friends this 🙂

7- the conversation Michael has with his father in which his father expresses how he never wanted the mob life for Michael.

8- when Michael sees/first meets Apollonia (in Sicily)

9- when Michael tells Kay that Connie is hysterical, in response to him having her abusive asshat husband killed.

10- the scenes in which the heads of the five families are killed, Carlo- Connie’s husband and others are killed.

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