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1- the rise & popularity of shows like: Honey Boo, Kardashians, Housewives of … just sick of these shows that highlight & feature unhealthy/dysfunctional families, bratty kids, and bratty “adults.” OH, and no talent “stars” or “celebrities.”

2- the lack of documentaries on History Channel. We know you want to get into the reailty show frenzy of suck, but please- remember your roots!

3- “news” stations. Cronkite is spinning over like mad in his grave right about now. REPORT the news! politicians have become the lobbyists of the news.

4- actual MUSIC videos on MTV & VH1- bring back Headbanger’s ball & yo mtv raps, dare I say… tv killed the radio star & replaced it w/half-assed “stars” that can’t sing just punch up a voice via computer.

5- competition shows- unless someone is creating something- like a meal or something, it’s just a chance to get a bunch of people together to bitch about something.

6- all these shows that feature people raping nature. yay! yes, let’s plunder our resources to brink of nonexistence so then we finally realize it and go- wait, we need that now.

7- skinny broads that look like they need a cheeseburger, running around in spiked heels & bitching about one another is not entertainment, it’s what’s wrong w/females that think to call themselves a woman.

8- lack of shows Not trying to be the next piece of crap in reality tv.

9- what the hell happened to cartoons on sat. morning- i mean real cartoons, not the cartoons made to deal w/kids fed a crappy diet of sugar & fat, drugged up w/latest med to deal w/any number of ailments…

10- cable costs too much for the crap you get to watch. I want to pick my own channels dammit! And QUIT messing w/channels Time Warner & others.

There’s little wonder why I didn’t have cable for so long & why I choose not to pay for it when I have my own dwelling.


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now don’t get me wrong, i do have shows that a reality tv based but i find them better than the usual reality tv fare.

shows that meet my approval:

american pickers- they recover hidden gems that were part of the history that made this country great back in the day. also the whole point of show is not watching two guys argue.

american restoration- this guy rocks! he can actually do useful shit- rebuild, etc. items that have history to them given the time they were in their hey-day. yeah he and his employees bicker a bit but focus of show is not them going at it like a bunch of harpies.

pawn stars- despite the nippiness, they acquire items of historical appeal and inform viewers of their value- either monetary or cultural/historical.

million dollar listing- this one is hit or miss. the one agent i give a crap to watch is josh flagg. the relationship between him & his love colton & his grandmother is why i watch. the homes of rich asshats- meh, whatever.

top chef/chopped/restaurant impossible- the focus is on food though sometimes they do get all nippy. i lik to see the people irvine helps in restaurant impossible.

the ones focusing on animals i like b/c they’re informative and such.

the ghost hunting ones i like b/c there are things that are unexplained in this world and i know i’d like to make some sense of things i’ve seen.

the ones i absolutely hate and feel just dumb down society, etc.:

gallery girls- great, more amo for females to think being mean girls is acceptable/right way to get attention- no wonder why guys get annoyed by a majority of females.

real housewives shows- proves rich people are not any better & are trash too. all these shows do is highlight who can yell louder over someone else. some of these women actually have jobs- hmmm, highlight that- strong women that have careers, not a bunch of rotted shells of estrogen that try to be the chicks from sex in the city (stupid show- not every women finds shopping, screwing, and shoes the highlight of her existence).

jersey shore- yeah if i want to see stupid people, i’ll go downtown- not watch idiots make the people of a certain locale look bad w/their lack of any class and manners.

these stupid pageant shows/spin offs of baby divas- really?! these dumb mothers need to be charged w/child abuse for instilling at an early age that the girl’s only source of attention is her looks and that she can be a mini-bitch to get what she wants. also, some of those moms force their kids to do this bullshit since the mom is almost always compensating for her miserable life and thinking she can relive her youth via her child.

Now while I realize that many people are “edited to look this way” or are “playing to camera” or whatever, the overall focus of many shows are people arguing, being mean to one another, and mental and emotional abuse.  Sorry, but I get enough of that in my daily life to have to watch that on tv. The last thing I want to watch are these worthless “souls” trying to bite at their share of their 15 minutes of fame which is 15 min. too much if you ask me.

Give me PBS, documentaries, etc. any day. If I want to escape I watch a movie not watch some sorry reality tv “star”… star? what ever! star implies the person has some talent or some viable reason they are a star.


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1- jeremiah whatever ads. really zz top is going to plug some crap that i’d kick a guy in balls if he were drinking?

2- progressive ads- i hate flo- she needs to go home & …

3- when did bravo become the whore channel? nothing but those housewhores of whatever city they decide to show the ugly of…

4- when did history channel become the hillbilly and/or redneck channel?

5- the state farm ads where idiot keeps wrecking car; stop driving and take the bus.

6- e trade commercials- get rid of the damn baby! seriously, not everyone is enamored with children and/or anything involving babies selling services, etc.

7- the capitol one ads w/jimmy fallon. he wasn’t funny on snl & he’s made even less funny w/a stupid baby.

8-  mtv- it’s more annoying now it’s become- yes your daughter is a whore and here is why channel…

9- A&E- where did the arts & entertainment go? i miss TLC, History and A&E from back in day; i miss my documentaries and nerdy tv 😦  anything that would get my brain going hmmm, etc.

10- what the hell happened to snl? it use to be worth staying home on a sat. night. use to be!


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rummaging through thoughts in my mind

nothing on tv to pass the time

tummy rumbles, begs to be fed

debating between nutella on bread

and something that would make my tummy feel like lead

am tired enough for a an early sleep

but my angst isn’t the type to not make a peep

so once again i’m up like an owl

perhaps sleep may come with the sound of a fowl




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