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a distant bell tolls for thee

blood hugs a guillotine

animals prey on hollow remains

while tears collect in ceramic hearts

Infinity giggles at Death and Love

looks like Life took the day off


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they look on when the rest of us are gone

they look on when we forget they’re gone

they look on when the graves are worn by the weather

they look on as time trickles on

they look on as we war, attempt peace, and try to sleep

they look on as we hate our neighbor and murder our lovers

they look on as we poison one another with our lack of humanity

they look on as we worship fake politicians and inflated gods

they look on as we trash our planet since we’re supposedly mighty and all knowing

they look on. they know,

when death will come to steal the show.





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I awoke one dreary morning, a light breeze came in through a few cracks in the wall to the right of me.
Then I noticed the paint chipping from the wall to the left of me.
The windows above me seem to let in what little light the grey clouds would allow.
For whatever reason, I couldn’t look down at my feet or see if the door to my room was open.

Ugh, I must have had another wild night again.

I looked back to my right, at the cracks in the wall. I expected an eye to peer through like in those horror movies late at night.
I looked up as if to see the rain I hear that’s now coming down, harder by the passing second.
I went to wiggle my toes but they were a little cold for my taste.

Ugh, too lazy to move the sheets over my feet.

I heard voices; two people were mumbling about: she, cold, out there and red.
I wanted to yell shut up, I’m sleeping but that’s effort- never mind.

I turned my attention to the left again, the paint chipping on the wall appeared more dismal- looking than upon first glance.
There were blue flowers all over it but they looked like bruises from my angle; I thought blue was suppose to be a soothing color.

Finally, the door opened and in walked the two chatterboxes I heard in the hallway.
They looked down at me and said, “time to cart her away.”
I tried to yell, no- stop I’m awake, but I am wheeled away.
I looked up and noticed I entered a tunnel- it went on and on and ended outside the building I was in; one of the two chatter boxes from before says, “it’s her first time out since she got here. She’s was in here for nearly 23 years.”

* * *

I realized I had been a mental patient for 23 years at the Lunatic Asylum- put here when I had thought my young son had tried to kill me one evening.

* * *

And now I’m dead, or so I think.

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I sat across from myself one day,
she sat down to catch some shade.
I saw her eyes
and giggled like a bee;
I wondered how
she came to find me…
After a bit of freshly squeezed time
I leaned across, and said she was mine;
she could not leave to find me again.
I felt my soul was on the mend.
She forcibly blinked for the first time
and then pulled out some burgundy twine.
She threw me the tattered clump of stuff,
then rose up and uttered, enough.
She left me a new heap of burgundy twine;
it kept me busy, waiting for the sublime.

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