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nature flickered

while the lights of the house flickered in the distance,

the grey clouds above struggled to offer a downpour.

i strolled the grounds waiting for your return

but you would not come-

not now, not ever.

*       *       *

spring came and the flowers attacked the hills

while the wind whipped its way through the painted sky,

i sat under the great oak, reading my books and writing my poems

until a terrible cough of wind, blew some of my thoughts away.

with nature’s indiscreet gesture, i am left with the chill of who you were.



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this cloudy day

it’s been years since i’ve been home.

my feet are torn from meandering through razor blades.

my heart has a a hair-line fracture from stress and confusion.

i am a leopard with contusions for spots…

i wonder if doctors can cure me,

but the wait is too long, and treatment is so costly.

so i guess i’ll thumb through my books and my memories,

and wait for Life or Death to finally claim me.



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deep within the catacombs

they live.

footsteps and assault of progress

haunt the silent ones below.

though silent, their groans echo

within the nooks and crannies of bone.

secretly they yearn the day

when they can say, hello.




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The little boy played in his Darth Vader costume.
He chugged up the stairs and down.
He played in the house, and on the garden grounds.
One day his nanny left him alone,
she went to the pool house with her man to be alone.

Little Darth Vader chugged up the stairs
but tripped on his cape and tumbled down.
His body was beaten by each step ‘til it hit the ground.
His limp body with head turned around;
three hours later it’s what the nanny found.
The nanny felt guilty; her brain was pelted,
with the image of the Darth Vader mask and
eyes of dull blue, dim and hemorrhaged.

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