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1- children that are way too noisy and that run rampant for their own good, often to dismay of other folk that actually want to enjoy their time out of house. btw, my parents would spank the crap out of me or yell at me if i acted like these little shitapples.

2- i’m an impatient person/like to plan how i spend my time- i can elaborate on why later, so don’t tax my patience b/c you don’t know what a clock is or don’t understand the concept of time.

3- people in check out lanes- get your damn money out before they ask you. you know you’re there to buy something, etc.

4- people in check out lanes, part 2- read the damn sign- 10 or 20 items or less is there for a reason- your dumb ass and your additional 10 items for your awesome party are adding to the time i have to be in this noisy children enriched environment.

5- i’m quite vocal. if i want something, i’ll ask for it. otherwise, leave me be to my angst, my ch’i, and me.

6- if i’m quite, it’s for a reason- believe it or not i don’t talk all the time or want company all the time so let me have my me time and go away.

7- clothes on pets- why? seriously- why? my cat would plot my death if i did that to her.

8- parents, watch what you say or do in front of children- IT WILL, come back to haunt you later.

9- reg. shoes: recently i was and still am, on quest for shoes. however, i am not like most women that feel the need to have mountain goat inspired heels that offer anything in way of true comfort and reasonable care to their feet.  case in point- the abnormal way that i am now to arch my foot 24/7 so i can fit into shoes that will eventually cause my  heels to seek surgery to correct condition brought about by abnormal arching in shoes and death heels. i want boots, not torture devices on my feet.

10- bras- make better fitting ones for women- ahem, half sizes and such would be nice and should be mandatory! where’s howard hughes when you need him?

11- i can’t help you unless you tell me what’s wrong.

12- i may be small but i am fierce.

13- banks- take your fees and shove it up your ass!

14- jobs- how are people going to gain experience if you won’t give them a chance. also, if i’m applying that means i want job despite lack of snazzy pay or benefits.

15- mcdonald’s why does my food seem to constantly suck? call me crazy but i never felt disappointed when i was a kid- my food was hot and yummy- fix it and fix the damn fries while you’re at it!

16- people in bookstores- shut the hell up! this also goes for people in museums… so help me, “I’ll rip out your eyes and piss on your brain”. (Trading Places)

17- movie theaters: why the hell do i need to feel like i’m at home going numb over all the damn commercials?! stop them- give me more damn previews! also, quite raping me on/the cost of popcorn and such.

18- Jack Daniel’s- a preferred drink of Mr. Sinatra and myself; make cute little bags like crown royal does! most of my wardrobe is black and i need new purses for going out 😉

19- politicians- shut up and work together to better the lives of the people you represent; do not constantly bitch about who is to blame and offer up half-assed apologies, both parties are to blame b/c it takes two to tango. also, even if we vote for one party or another, it’s still in the hands of you people to make it happen.

20- gov’t & education system- wtf?! it’s like we’re trying to dumb down everything these days.

21- Corn Nuts: bring back the damn pepperoni pizza kind! they were great w/my Jack n’ cokes in college! I miss them 😦

22- Pop Tarts: you asshats got rid of the Frosted Dutch Apple ones! Why? 😦


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what holiday is it now

i don’t know

i saw a left over pumpkin yell at me-

don’t leave me here or i’ll turn into a turkey!

i laughed it off and moved on

only to find the pumpkin had become a big ol’ turkey,

sitting on the front lawn.

i asked the turkey what happened to the pumpkin

that once rested there

the turkey replied with glee-

i am he!

i laughed it off and moved on

only to find the turkey had become a tree.

i laughed it off and moved on

only to find the tree

fell on me.

then a zombie came along and bit me.

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Currently I’m watching one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail. For me it’s one of those movies that are like warm cookies and milk on a cold day- it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and typically I don’t like romantic comedies. One of my favorite parts are when the two main characters talk about the idea of bouquets of sharpened pencils b/c it’s fall and it brings about the feel to buy school supplies. I totally get this notion; I always get excited around the start of fall but then I get all mopey when I remind myself that I have no need for such items given that I am no longer a student- not even a weary but zazzy college student, le sigh.

Oddly enough the film also reminds me of one of my favorite people. He’s interestingly enough, much like the character Tom Hanks plays- smart, all about business, and in your face but in a friendly way.? That part always trips me out! lol. He’s also though, one of my most prized possessions, only in the sense that he is Worth so much. He’s someone that would be fun to make a holiday meal with and it’d be cool to see how it turned out. Then again I could be looking for an excuse to bake a lot of sweet treats this holiday season 😉

This movie gives me the inclination to do is run out and roam a bookstore, curl up in my bed and write, and to sip on a yummy coffee- a pumpkin spice latte comes to mind. It also gives me a kick in the butt to write down books to read, and to buy when I go to a book store. Though I studied literature, there are many through my years of study that I have not read. Many are the classics and/or usual suspects that most high school folk must read. If anyone would like to help get me going on my list I welcome the suggestions 🙂

Now I must go back to the start of my post in which I talk about the characters of the film and their want to purchase school supplies in the fall. Now despite the fact I live in Texas and that takes away from it being cold or even cool enough to fully put me in fall/school supply mood, I would love it if someone were to take that idea of school supply shopping and bouquet of sharpened pencils, and applied it to say Christmas, Valentine’s Day or my birthday. I would absolutely LOVE IT if someone I knew put together an academic gift pack; my suggestions would be as follows: anything Shakespeare oriented- minus things like bobble heads (they irk me for some reason); copies of books- classics I have yet to own; ink for my fountain pen, wax to seal my letters, sassy paper to write letters, unique (w/reg. to ink or appearance) pens or pencils, neat bookmarks, book repair kit, a really old edition of a book I adore, bookends, and the list goes on from there, lol.    

I think what it also boils down to is that the film is a holiday movie for me, given it takes place during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other movies that give me that holiday feel are: Scent of a Woman, Trading Places, A Christmas Story, and A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Godfather. These films just give me this snuggle up in blanket and enjoy the crisp good vibes of the season- yeah I’m a sucker for twinkling lights, bright shiny things, and warm goodies cooking in the kitchen as well (hopefully they’re done so successfully and with love). I like that the romance takes place around this and that it takes place while the two characters are fighting one another on the business front; love is everywhere I suppose though at present I’m not so prone to readily admit that or fully embrace that as I once did so many moons ago. I’m still ripe from a break up. It’s why I have fully embraced word press and taken it on as a project and goal for myself to write online each day and complete poems for an October writing project centered around the month of October and each day leading up to Halloween.            

In any case, I hope romance with the upcoming holiday season, with a loved one, or a feeling you get during that time or a combination of these few favorite things finds you; and if it does send some to others in need of being a lone read, standing sassy amongst the angst within. Don’t let them be counted amongst the many (it seems), that have lost their ch’i  🙂    

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