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twirling hair

into knots-

bound and unbound,

over and over

again; here we go…

talking faster

i can never master

the skill

of being

with another.


is my mantra

while cupid smites

me with a murder of arrows.

i still have my sorrow

of forgotten tomorrow-

maybe luck will be woven

into my coven of pain

maybe hope, as in

Pandora’s pitcher

will remain.


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so while I am still seeing or whatever-ing it’s called this guy I met online, meeting on Valentine’s Day was an epic fail! lol

recently he was sick & his phone crapped out on him & then a relative was hurt very bad in an accident. so, he has been playing nurse/help/kind relative to him. this means- no me, no nothing until his relative gets better.

so Valentine’s Day started off fine but went downhill fast. i was just in such a mood after losing quasi- positive ch’i i had going into evening- the result was me feeling crappy.

the upside, there is some hope we will meet next time i am in town for some show on the 25th w/my BFF extraordinaire 🙂

we’re in peace talks for a summit that wknd. lol. – eh just being goofy.

despite such barriers, we are still smitten for lack of better word, w/one another- and so it goes.

p.s. thanks to those that have encouraged me to hang in there & not feel need to constantly bring up my previous encounter w/someone.

i know they mean well to caution me but when it comes to being smitten, there are no rules. also, i’ve wasted many opportunities in the past by being more sensible and w/o passion, gusto or any form of enthusiasm.


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so last night after feeling low and the mornings happenings were not any better, I threw up a challenge to God, or whatever you happen to call him when you worship…

I basically said: I challenge you to prove to me that this guy I am smitten with, is really worth my time & this whole lack of communication is just a fluke and/or serious misunderstanding.

I guess he called me out on my challenge b/c it would be one of the explanations why I got a response to a message I had sent him this afternoon.

I had come to find out a series of coincidental events- not suspicious, occurred and sadly, pushed my “danger- bail button,” they were: food poisoning, a car accident, hospital time, and a broken phone. they all seem unrelated but related and all seem pretty manageable in some capacity of human will but when all are lumped together- then, not so much.

the saddest part is that i had allowed a previous “relationship” w/a real douche bag, to ruin and cast shadow over something that was going very well despite my own insecurities and whatever hang ups he is harboring. past assclown just stopped communicating w/me and that has since prompted me to follow my gut when i think something is wrong- in previous instance i should have done this and it would’ve saved me A LOT of grief.

however, in this instance, my defense mechanism is wrong.

so i have no idea if a higher power took pity on me and decided i had put up w/enough & he’d dazzle me w/his god squad ch’i or if it’s the whim of the great magnet that pointed me in right direction.

who knows, all i can say is that i was wrong and look forward to being surprised by what happens next and forces of the universe.

btw, i lost my choo choo train of thought b/c i want fries- hence my lack of real finish. brb- McDonald’s run… mainly b/c there’s not a Wendy’s nearby.

p.s. this does not mean guy i am smitten w/is perfect and all is peachy but he’s less of a danger or whatnot than previously thought.

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so it appears i will be spending Valentine’s day alone again- oooh, surprise there. it would appear it’s my fault seeing as i am the eternal moron that tends to feel too much and fall for crap guys say- hence, like that Sinatra song- I Fall Too Fast, etc… i also expect communication that most people, let alone guys, can’t produce.

granted i am basing all these feelings on 10+ yrs. of failure in “love” & most recent- huh, what’s happening now? – this i ‘ve not heard official: don’t call us we’ll call you but as the magic eight ball says: all signs point to yes.

hmmm, guess i have a gift i need to return in the morning. on plus side- that’s an extra $20 in my account + tax.

anyway,  so i guess my cont. failure in finding companionship & losing streak remains intact- yay for me; at least that’s one thing i excel at!

so rather than cont. w/a blog of why i am a loser and am banned from finding any happiness in anything remotely resembling love, i shall just log off and drown my sorrows in Jack Daniels- oh wait crap- i left that at his damn place, nice 😦




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In the silence of time

i heard a slight,

irregular- rhythm.

the buzzing of my computer

transported me;

countless sighs and cries

of failed “love” left behind.

i think it’s time for barbed twine

around my organ of angst and fear,

to unwind and challenge us both?





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my heart was left for dead

but deep inside, it was fresh and ripe.

someone bit into my heart the other day,

and left a mark behind…

confused, i picked up my heart to see

if any damage was done to me

– just wait and see i thought:

pain and failure in love,

is the only gift

time has ever bought.

yet curiosity draws me near

as i bounce the little heart

in the palm of my hand

i begin to see

an image of me

with a smile for all to see.

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… so in honor of the fast approaching Valentine’s Day “holiday,” which some dread while others flock to the cheesy sections of the store marked accordingly; i figure that every so often i will add my thoughts to the those existing about love, friendship, rings, romance, etc. this is more of an amusement for my brain than anything else. oh, and of course, there will be blood- oops, i mean poetry.

while i thought i would begin these series of blogs with a poem, i figure i would begin with a mention of what i have found online. next week will no doubt find me in the realm of Wal- Mart, shrine to all that is cheap “in theory” and not made in America, but that’s another story. So, i thought that since I would be cutting a blaze through such terrain and would be in need of some Valentine’s Day goodies, i would check out what they have online. Perhaps, they may have something modest but heartfelt that I can bestow upon my new “fly honey,” so to speak b/c I’m not sure what to call us quite yet. (Also, see other blog I wrote about Valentine’s Day in which I lament over what the hell to get him- I still don’t know).

In any case, my hunt through the Wal Mart interwebs of doom has yielded- gift baskets- yes, this drew me like a bee to honey! I thought awesome- a bunch of crap in one basket, brilliant- I’d want that! Then I had to back off and think- well 1- this is for him, not me & 2- his father works for a company that makes sweet treats so this would not be a good idea, especially since he can get the stuff for free! So I must move on to see what else this website has to show me…

“Sleep”wear- we all know this is a joke b/c seriously, who stays in sleepwear long on Valentine’s Day, much less any day it’s worn… btw, I am referring to when it is worn when a romantic party or otherwise, is present.

the game is afoot.


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