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my cat came to me the other day

and asked if we would read that day

lost in my books

i did not reply

i thought back to the day my spirit died.

i once felt a joy and an eagerness to read and write

but then my spirit was ravaged

out of jealousy and spite

under the guise of self righteousness

my spirit could barely put up a fight.

i left my spirit crying

in a heap on the floor

i tidied up my being

as best as i could

while deep within me, a sourness grew.

Meow, cried my cat

as it pawed at my back

i gave her pets

and noticed that

i have a book in my hand. 


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Cinnamon is here

playing with her ear

Cinnamon is there

playing with her hair

Cinnamon walks about

and cleans her mouth

Cinnamon swipes

at two orbs covered in dust mites

She plays with the most useless parts of you

that will soon end up in her stool.





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in the morning

i curl up in my blanket of tattoos

the colors pop all around me

the words roll through me

i wrap myself deeper in warmth and soft skin

the lines and shading draw me deeper

*       *       *

an unlikely alice i trip into

my inked beauty

until i stop at the subtle cheshire cat grin

that never fails to coax me in

the hatter within is smashing plates and cups left and right

tea pours out in shades of red

a motley scene though not one of fright

but of restrained creation

during our lonely flight.

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since life has not gone as swimmingly as it has w/others, i don’t have an awesome job i can go on about, don’t have a supportive bf or husband- never have had one worth anything, don’t have a stylish wardrobe, snazzy house, bitchin car, or even a kid- dare i say the “k” word. (btw, the last one is 99.9 % out of question for me seeing as i am rather irked by vast majority of them)…

I have my cat Cinnamon; she and other feline friends i’ve had have been of great comfort to me through the years. so, she is like the little girl i shall not have- btw, i’d def. want a son were i able to carry one.

anyhoo, i digress- so earlier i had wandered the house searching for my Cinnamon. i looked in her usual hiding places but didn’t find her. not odd i thought, b/c she usually turns up later in evenings on various occasions. it’s now 1:36am and i found my cat about 10 min ago. she had spent most of the time in the garage, say about 5 hrs or so.

now, normal cats meow when stuck in spaces, etc. but for whatever reason- she does not! i found this out once when she got stuck in a closet and for an hour i didn’t hear a peep.

after my shower i went looking for her since she did not show up waiting at door as she usually does. i was furious to see her in garage and even more annoyed that someone had forgotten her and left her in there.

after talking to her and petting her, i let her eat and told her she should potty- she actually did as i suggested after another two gobbles of food. i then gave her treats for being such a good kitty.

i was planning on going to sleep early but now i am too wound up to try sleep- good thing i made some tea and a peanut butter sandwich.

i know in the morning i shall let the responsible party know what they did wrong to put it nicely.


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… so late yesterday/early in a.m., i tried to seek refuge on the couch, curled up in a blanket- wrong.

my lovely cat Cinnamon, decided to sit and stare at me- her eyes turning black like dolls eyes, glazing over w/the look of ‘beat down’ mode. then she freakin’ leaped up and whacked me with her paw on the cheek! luckily she didn’t snag my eye or any other sensitive body part. i was left w/a slight scar on my cheek and thankfully, it didn’t draw blood.

*       *       *

the sore throat couldn’t come at a worse time; monday, i’ve got an appointment i hope goes well. please send good vibes 🙂

*       *       *

after some sleep and benadryl, i hunted for something on tv to tease my brain with and this is what i found: chopped, paranormal witness, ancient aliens, and i think some late night episodes of the nanny will be thrown in there for fun. while i could go on about each show i think i’ll go with what i’m currently watching- Chopped on food network. 

i have to same i’m a sucker for this show. i will even watch episodes that i’ve seen already. i get a kick out of how the contestants have to make something edible out of ingredients that they’ve not seen until they open the baskets. secretly though i long for the times there are odd ingredients like animal parts, sea urchin, durian fruit, etc.

hmmm, given what i have mentioned, i think i’d take some animal parts- soak them in milk and season them w/some salt pepper, lemon and curry. then i’d fry them 😉 as for the sea urchin i’d make a gravy out of it for the durian fruit/sweet potato mash, lol. for fun i’d grill up some tomatoes and asparagus to serve w/the other yummies.

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