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fluffy grey paws

hid a long-round face

a cold nose nudged my hand

as i sipped my tea midday


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so i got news about how a friend’s little furry friend passed on & it reminded me of my past pets- mostly feline.

so i get a wee weepy…

i then get this flyer for a lost dog & am reminded of how we once lost one of our cats & how he came home to us via a posting in craig’s list… so i shared flyer via twitter, fb, & craigslist. while it’s not my dog i do know the feeling of loss when you don’t know where your beloved pet is… you wonder the worst.

i hope my efforts combined with those of owner, bring the little one home to their family safe & sound.

am debating on going to bed or actually staying up in hopes of pulling myself out of meh mood.Image


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it’s funny to me how we’re so quick to get rid of an animal. we can say it’s tearing up the place, a terror, disobedient, etc. perhaps with obedience training, said animal could improve and/or be better. some animals, like people, don’t always get along w/everyone and only mesh w/certain personality types, etc.

another thing, it’s funny we’re so quick to get rid of an animal, yet we still nurse and maintain various unhealthy relationships w/friends, family or loved ones. it’s funny b/c in many cases, the relationship w/the pet would be the healthier one to be had- assuming person is not abusive and cruel, etc.

as i write this i am thinking of my new cat Pippa. she is very weary of people, she is young- 8 mths. old, and is jumpy. now many would think to get rid of her but for some reason, she has adopted me and responds to me. she purrs and meows to say hi & follows me. oddly enough, she also follows my father around and he barely has contact with her. some people just have this aura that animals want to be around i suppose. in any case, i know Pippa is not perfect but she still needs love and a home. she has a better chance with me than she does outside on her own and in a shelter, etc. i will do my best to be there for her and be a good mommy to her, haha. i have to say she is doing well. she wanders the house and has already found her comfort spots to sleep in house. she’s funny. more to come later on Pippa’s progress.


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Poisonous Plants for Cats, p.3

I got this at Cat Hospital I take Cinnamon to…

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Poisonous Plants for Cats, p.2

I got this at Cat Hospital I take Cinnamon to…

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since life has not gone as swimmingly as it has w/others, i don’t have an awesome job i can go on about, don’t have a supportive bf or husband- never have had one worth anything, don’t have a stylish wardrobe, snazzy house, bitchin car, or even a kid- dare i say the “k” word. (btw, the last one is 99.9 % out of question for me seeing as i am rather irked by vast majority of them)…

I have my cat Cinnamon; she and other feline friends i’ve had have been of great comfort to me through the years. so, she is like the little girl i shall not have- btw, i’d def. want a son were i able to carry one.

anyhoo, i digress- so earlier i had wandered the house searching for my Cinnamon. i looked in her usual hiding places but didn’t find her. not odd i thought, b/c she usually turns up later in evenings on various occasions. it’s now 1:36am and i found my cat about 10 min ago. she had spent most of the time in the garage, say about 5 hrs or so.

now, normal cats meow when stuck in spaces, etc. but for whatever reason- she does not! i found this out once when she got stuck in a closet and for an hour i didn’t hear a peep.

after my shower i went looking for her since she did not show up waiting at door as she usually does. i was furious to see her in garage and even more annoyed that someone had forgotten her and left her in there.

after talking to her and petting her, i let her eat and told her she should potty- she actually did as i suggested after another two gobbles of food. i then gave her treats for being such a good kitty.

i was planning on going to sleep early but now i am too wound up to try sleep- good thing i made some tea and a peanut butter sandwich.

i know in the morning i shall let the responsible party know what they did wrong to put it nicely.


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so back in 2004 i went into pets mart, looking for a cat to adopt. now i have a preference for black cats but always seem to gravitate toward tabbies. well i came upon this lil’ tortoise tabby that nipped at me and i thought, didn’t like me. this is when the lady stepped up and told me- oh she’s just being flirty with you is all she’s doing; she seems to like you!

what i thought she was doing was trying to attack me by biting at my hand and swatting at me like a damn mouse! i thought the lady was crazy but after awhile i continued to play w/the flirty kitty. my last cat was a tabby too but more of a tiger tabby than tortoise- they’re both names used to describe the patterns on the cat’s fur, etc.

*       *       *

fast forward to the present: she’s made herself at home and has adopted my family as her own. my father is the one she follows more than me. she’ll roam about the house and then fall asleep someplace but the minute she hears him walking about or talking or especially going to bed after watching tv, she runs to see him and greet him by hovering by his feet until he acknowledges her. it’s pretty cute and amusing to watch. she doesn’t even do that for me.

when she’s not doing that she sleeps in one of her “spots”: a giant stuffed ladybug, a catbed in my room, a cat bed under a table near the couch i watch tv on, a chair which she’s napping in above w/a mouse i might add- oooh, scandalous, lol; and various spots on the floor and for whatever reason, in the closet in my parent’s room.

the thing i find amusing about her is how much her behavior is much like my own. now i know i am not a cat (despite one of the thoughts i had expressed to me some time ago) however i still find it how pets and their owners often act or look alike, lol.

she’s a lot like me- i like people but sometimes don’t want them directly in my business so to speak. my cat, likes to sit by me but not on my lap or have me hold her- she likes her space is what i guess i’m getting at… and so do i despite what some may think. there are only very few people i can be around for extended periods of time.

she also is as moody as i am and gets both nippy and flirty, sometimes at the same time, lol.

she also seems to be a picky eater. i tend to try things but usually i stick to my usual suspects.

as far as appearance goes, i’m brown and i guess that matches some of the colors on her, lol- only she’s not mexican but a tortoise tabby- and she has prettier eyes than me, lol…

stay tuned for future blogs where i talk about my cat’s ninja abilities- i swear she’s Deadpool in disguise, her involvement in the mewocenaries, and an interview b/c yeah, i’m convinced she has a secret life, lol. (mind you i’m just amusing myself w/these last ones as well as any cat owners that may also suspect their feline is plotting something 😉

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