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deep within the catacombs

they live.

footsteps and assault of progress

haunt the silent ones below.

though silent, their groans echo

within the nooks and crannies of bone.

secretly they yearn the day

when they can say, hello.





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Death arrived in pumpkin,

he crossed the Styx river.

When he arrived,

everyone yelled-

We’ll Rest in Peace Forever!



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trapped in a metal box

he was beaten with time

vocal chords severed from years of strain

limbs broken from the weight of pain

thoughts stained the walls of his skull

barnacles of brain matter fed off his fear

eyes salted with grief

would lull him to a false sleep

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the other night i awoke and couldn’t move

my legs and feet were sterilized with panic

my chest felt the force of something punching me down into the bed

i imagined my arms were reaching out for help

but no one heard me

my voice quivered in the corner

then ran away

i was left to my unseen attacker

forced to wish them away

and pray they wouldn’t stay


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i awoke one morning,

and found Death snoring.

i sat up and stared,

at a mangled pumpkin in his lap.

an hourglass of time went by,

when i caught his eye.

he held up the pumpkin,

and motioned me to come toward him.

he smiled and laughed,

as i took his hand.

a gnarly pumpkin remained,

with black robe and scythe.

i went back to bed,

to rest up for a busy night.

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it was kicked across the field, through a brook and into a tree hollow

colors spewed forth like painting washed in the rain

two orbs, dangled out of sockets via a metal spork; the empty vessels for orbs saw little of a soul while living

a mouth, jagged from the slices of a switchblade, gave a crooked smile

ears carved off with an electric carving knife, fell to the ground

the killer stepped back to see, how difficult and disordered life can be

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a black swan laughed at my funeral

its cackles billowed out, mocking my memory

many gasped, still others laughed

they knew me well

a black swan laughed at my funeral

its wings swept the tears away

many were startled while others giggled

so I decided to sit a spell

a black swan laughed at my funeral

its splashing was heard above the wailing

many looked over in dismay

so I took flight aboard the swan

and vowed to return for you all

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