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so this week has sucked. it began well. i had an interview that was to lead to a 2nd that week and i was going to see the guy i had been seeing since jan.

later that night it all went to crap.

w/o going into detail, the evening w/person i had been looking forward to seeing went awry somehow- not sure what happened actually- in holding pattern on that matter. i hope things pan out b/c 1- i did like his company & 2- i do care about him.

the job thing seemed to spring forward from meh evening.

i got a call the following morning saying that they needed to reschedule the 2nd interview- i still have not heard back and had even sent an email asking what’s up so to speak. monday i shall call them to see what is up- hopefully they will see i am eager to have job and schedule a 2nd interview soon!

just feeling pretty glum b/c i am at mercy of others- this is a common thread in my existence since my birth.

just venting. i do realize things could be way worse but it would be nice to feel more at ease about things at dis ease 😦

good vibes apply within if you can spare them & if you know how i am feeling…


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getting to know another human being after being treated like i am invisible by one several mths. ago.

this one is unique i must say. i mean i know we all are but this one requires a little more patience and wrangling in of my extroverted personality. i am still feisty but must adapt to one more suited for quiet nights in than being out all night. i think we’ve reached compromises since our first meeting in jan.

while we go out and enjoy stuff, we do call it an evening early and hang out and watch movies or tv shows, etc. soon the challenge will be his work schedule. oddly enough i found another guy that will make his living in the kitchen. i am excited for him and hope he does great in his new work environment 😀 😀 😀

the challenge will come when we need to make time for one another. i hope a compromise can be reached that won’t put either of us out too much. i know for my part i will do my best to make time for him in addition to my work schedule and family commitments.

he’s got a tough personality to get use to as i am sure many would say of me, but i like to think i can help soften him a SLIGHT bit- not change him, but coax him into a semi-non-combative, not so totally screw authority state, lol.

interestingly enough, it’s his personality which tickles me the most- well, that and his tattoos and piercings 😀

i find that he always has something interesting to say and i appreciate how he has no problem telling someone to go to hell.

in any case, i am enjoying his company and seeing where it goes…

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i think in the future i need a CIA interrogator to meet w/guys before i do, then they pass on to next stage of “interview”…

next, they answer questions while dodging bullets shot by snipers in the woods, all while wearing pink boxers w/their hands tied behind them.

these two lovely experiences will then be followed by my four best guy buddies taking turns harassing them. the harassment they choose is up to them.

then if the recruit gets good marks on his “interview,” he then has the pleasure and privilege of being in my presence and enjoying my company, warmth, love and support.

but- if after a 3 week grace period, he fails- he gets thrown onto an island- battle royale style where he can fight for his meager life and hope to survive amongst all the others that have pissed me off and failed.

lesson: don’t be a predator posing as a house pet.


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… so in honor of the fast approaching Valentine’s Day “holiday,” which some dread while others flock to the cheesy sections of the store marked accordingly; i figure that every so often i will add my thoughts to the those existing about love, friendship, rings, romance, etc. this is more of an amusement for my brain than anything else. oh, and of course, there will be blood- oops, i mean poetry.

while i thought i would begin these series of blogs with a poem, i figure i would begin with a mention of what i have found online. next week will no doubt find me in the realm of Wal- Mart, shrine to all that is cheap “in theory” and not made in America, but that’s another story. So, i thought that since I would be cutting a blaze through such terrain and would be in need of some Valentine’s Day goodies, i would check out what they have online. Perhaps, they may have something modest but heartfelt that I can bestow upon my new “fly honey,” so to speak b/c I’m not sure what to call us quite yet. (Also, see other blog I wrote about Valentine’s Day in which I lament over what the hell to get him- I still don’t know).

In any case, my hunt through the Wal Mart interwebs of doom has yielded- gift baskets- yes, this drew me like a bee to honey! I thought awesome- a bunch of crap in one basket, brilliant- I’d want that! Then I had to back off and think- well 1- this is for him, not me & 2- his father works for a company that makes sweet treats so this would not be a good idea, especially since he can get the stuff for free! So I must move on to see what else this website has to show me…

“Sleep”wear- we all know this is a joke b/c seriously, who stays in sleepwear long on Valentine’s Day, much less any day it’s worn… btw, I am referring to when it is worn when a romantic party or otherwise, is present.

the game is afoot.


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hmmm, so it would seem that i am much more successful this time around w/my online dating experience. successful in sense of me actually conversing with someone i actually meet.

i’ve been in peace talks- lol,  with a young man that sounds interesting and seems to be my cup of tea. for one, he’s got tattoos and two- he’s got piercings. he also has fiddled w/cars (been a mechanic) in the past so he is able to draw that part of me out. overall he covers the areas i am intrigued w/naturally.

the nice thing is- he is the one that messaged me first and my fave thing he has said so far is: i’d be an idiot not to meet you.

yes… good… good. lol.

so it would seem the game is afoot and i look forward to where this may take me.

game- and he plays chess too- huzzah!


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so i just got this chat message from this guy that was all- hey gorgeous and instantly my shit-dar goes off. i then get into sarcastabitch mode and say- hi. then he asks why i’m up or what i’m doing- i forget, all i know is that i tell him i am about to go to bed- 1- b/c i was meh to his presence and 2- i have been trying to be good about going to bed earlier than normal. normal for me is 4 or 5 am as a bedtime and then when in rare form- 6am 😉

but i digress, so i guess my answers were not sexy enough for mr. shitapple- little shitapples grow up to be big ones, lol…

So, he then decides to ignore me and not cont. conversation or end it like an adult would. my shit-dar was right 😉

BUT, i noticed i got a message from a guy that’s fairly attractive in pic/has some features i generally dig in first glance of guys.

and now, the game’s afoot.

stay tuned my dear Watson and be at the ready, i may need your help w/a clever disguise or two 😉

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