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she lost her heart today

a clumsy thief took it away

locked in his chest

to replace the one

that skipped away


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a hopeless romantic

climbs into a canoe;

edges are seared from betrayal

and tenderized from abuse.

Hope enfolds the romantic fool

like a hangman’s noose.

cat o’ nine waves thrash

the vessel until crimson,

black and blue rape the canoe.

the bitch of a fool

in a hollowed out heart

are better off drowning

in a tempest of blood rain







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I found my cat beating a heap of meat

she pawed and clawed

hissed and purred

She was content

that I was sure

Hours went by

the meat went dry

She left it beside

my black boot

I gazed down

and giggles drowned

the squishy splatter

of a heart that doesn’t matter

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a comatose heart on an embalming table

makes the sound of bulky vegetables in a food processor

spin-chop-spin-chop, pulse-pulse

a deformed organ numb to cancerous whispers of escape—

a tumble off the table during clumsy injections of adrenaline

spin-chop-spin-chop, pulse-pulse

a comatose heart on an embalming table

bleeds from cigarette burns and cuts on all sides

death glides above and waits

for the heart to succumb to malignant hope clogging its valves

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In the silence of time

i heard a slight,

irregular- rhythm.

the buzzing of my computer

transported me;

countless sighs and cries

of failed “love” left behind.

i think it’s time for barbed twine

around my organ of angst and fear,

to unwind and challenge us both?





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soggy weather

my hood was up

the rain came down

i tripped on a puddle

on the way to drown

my mind was cluttered

my bones shuttered

each time i killed you

in my mind

maybe then i could unwind


since it’s not about you,

i only wish i knew

what threw my mind in a jagged screw

i meandered on as i began to drown

only to find my thoughts had gone

to find a heart made of dawn.

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the fingers guide the victim toward their awe
dirt scurries for safety under nails
sweat mingles with spices within wrinkles of skin
salty heart beats less with each slice-
exact payment for each bittersweet sin

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