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pasta and a crazed monkey squirrel.

few things tickle me nostalgic, like a plate of pasta, sauce- lots of it, meat, and bread. back in college a crazy cheeky monkey use to make dinner and those nibbles would be the weapons of choice.

many pleasant evening have been spent eating yummies and watching movies.

it amazes me how food creates a warm blanket feeling for people. some people have baked goods and others have taters- me ¬†especially ūüėČ

on a side note, for fun i’d like to create a flying spaghetti monster out of my food, take pics of it and post it anytime something pops up that makes my head hurt in a wtf?! sort of way, lol… yeah i’m pretty weird.

i think there should be a cartoon of the flying spaghetti monster and his many adventures in the world of man- that’s right you heard it here first. lol. i can see it now, they might be giants or some quirky band can do the music for the show- yes, excellent….



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jelly rolls and figs

sprig of mint

tea for two

an evening breeze

begs please

*       *       *

meat pies

raw lies

muffle cries

body in the alley

pieces in boxes

trash men carry

escape by ferry

*       *       *

little elephants

follow me

i trip on a rock

and skin my knee

elephants cry

while birds spy

little mice try

to help

*       *       *

claws at the ready

keep her steady

shredded meat

crimson sauce

i am fierce

you know

yes i am boss

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the fingers guide the victim toward their awe
dirt scurries for safety under nails
sweat mingles with spices within wrinkles of skin
salty heart beats less with each slice-
exact payment for each bittersweet sin

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