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in dreams

i sit in the dark,

a candle slaps the void.

i offer a silent scream to the moon

i see out my window.

my bed is empty

the ink, your pictures are gone.

my nights feel wrong.

i have no one to talk to,

no one to think with—

no one sleeps,

not even in our dreams.



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trapped in a metal box

he was beaten with time

vocal chords severed from years of strain

limbs broken from the weight of pain

thoughts stained the walls of his skull

barnacles of brain matter fed off his fear

eyes salted with grief

would lull him to a false sleep

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so i was about to go to sleep when i get notified that the guy i’ve been seeing since jan., gets hit by a car and then i get sent a picture.

apparently, while my guy was heading home from work on his bike after 10pm, some asshat in a white 2000 model chevy tahoe in austin, texas- hit him and rove off!!! <insert slew of angry faces>

now, i am a passionate creature to put it mildly.

my thoughts are as follows (in no particular order):

1- i want to put on my iron man suit and go kick some ass

2- how many weapons can i carry and who do i have to take out?!

3- does he need help? where’s my teleporter?!?!

4- Worrying… how bad is he hurt?! ūüė¶

5- Please let him be okay!!!

6- tears/feeling of relief he is at least, alive and walking.

7- still angry about someone doing this- again, who do i give beat down to?!

8- tummy hurts from being upset.

9- how soon can i see him?

10- please send him good ch’i care of me. thank you all & stay safe out there! crazy bastards are on the loose ūüė¶



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so i have been very good¬†about¬†reading before bed & sleeping before 2:30am at least, but for second night in a row it looks like i may miss that bedtime. while i don’t mind missing it i am still a wee bummed i am not staying on task. i think my body ¬†is thinking- uhm, excuse me- i thought we were trying to¬†stray¬†away from night owl membership?!

the clouds ran away

and kept the sheep at bay

words fail me and the blog grows stale

in the hope that sleep prevails

but as the wee hours drift on

my bedtime ticks away

as my fellow “chatter” wants me to stay


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a husky blanket

smoky brown eyes

tip toe out

from a husky blanket

the two cranky orbs

clench in fear

as rays of light nip at them

sleep flirts with me

through the night

but never stays to comfort me

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hacking through tall shoots

my blade gets dull

emotions weigh heavy

they bleed on my boots

*       *       *

pockets weighed down

stones cradled within

help the medicine go down

water beats sin

*       *       *

a little light writing

keeps me fed

my head knows better

i need sleep instead


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curled up 

her curves are like a cashew

and her dreams are baked

with hope and desire

curled up

her brown locks

throw themselves on mediocre pillows

hard stressed while muscles are pressed

curled up

her eyes flutter

and call to them the carpetbagger- “love”

he is blind, deaf and dumb

to her tender care and soulful mind

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