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Lazy day?

what is it about a day in which you feel under the weather that while making your work week a slight mess, also gives you some form of piece of mind. now mind you i am not speaking of those that have severe illness- just the average under the weather feeling- stuffy head, sore throat- in terms of minor allergy discomfort or slight cold or tiredness…

i am trying to make the most of my day feeling run down. i have made lunch- jambalaya, and am determined to do three WordPress postings! i am also tending to paperwork for my new job which starts next week, for which i am very excited! i have a shorter commute which means everything if you commute via public transit! i also will be paid a little more for what i believe i am worth, work-wise… my old commute was about 2 hours there and 2 hours and 15 min or so back!! lol, yes, i suppose i am a glutton for doing things in a tedious manner?!

hmmm, it would appear that the microwave is summoning me to collect my meal from its mighty belly of microwave power!

more to come…


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bloated sigh

the pumpkin’s grin turned to a frown

when the body hung upside down

blood pooled after a swift downpour

the concrete pleaded please- no more

but the killer laughed as the hung body

let out a bloated sigh

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fluffy grey paws

hid a long-round face

a cold nose nudged my hand

as i sipped my tea midday

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my soul can easily devour a good violin-

sharp stabs and broad sweeps of the bow,

is where my power animal often goes…

but every now and then

a bevy of sadistic thoughts scatter in,

and a murder of imbeciles-

of bastard impotent boys

trapped in the stench of decaying youth,

tickle my fancy, and shake my nerves with laughter.

thick, vividly morose liquids splatter the array of my shiny soldiers

as I dismember and disembowel the once indifferent bi-pedal sacks of

maggots, flies, and false pretenses.

where was I now, about my soul and a good violin…

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my cat is nestled on the window sill

the sun light streams through

i arrange my books and notes

the cocoa is sweet and the marshmallows float

i sigh and think about my day

and how i wish you’d go away

i guess i could kill you again

your bloody corpse-

my garden’s special friend.

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i awoke one morning,

and found Death snoring.

i sat up and stared,

at a mangled pumpkin in his lap.

an hourglass of time went by,

when i caught his eye.

he held up the pumpkin,

and motioned me to come toward him.

he smiled and laughed,

as i took his hand.

a gnarly pumpkin remained,

with black robe and scythe.

i went back to bed,

to rest up for a busy night.

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so at church and in taco bell today, i encountered one of my least fave things: noisy-ass kids. i even got into it a bit w/a guy behind me in line at taco bell, about this matter. he said there is no way to “discipline” a child/baby/whatever a younger person, small enough to chunk into a box is called… NO i would not do this (before i get kid lovers and others of the like attacking me).

anyway, this assclown said that kids are naturally loud and one must accept this and learn to understand these things. he spoke as if he were jane goodall speaking on subjects that have been studied greatly- in depth and for many years. he in fact does not have kids so i wonder what observations he has made which have lead him to this grand conclusion…

as for me, my parents kept an eye on me. now while they were not there and everywhere at once, they were keen on making sure i was 1- of no trouble to anyone in the general public and 2- obedient enough in accordance w/their noise level and behavioral preferences.

this is why i CAN NOT grasp concept of letting kids run a muck w/little discipline. thinking that 1- it’s okay to have screaming kids in church and 2- lets have noisy kids in public eateries.

while i can appreciate it being hard to tell baby or child- shhh and then they magically honor such a request, i do think it’s rude and inconsiderate to let your child ruin the dining experience of other people- families included that CAN keep kids to a reasonable decibel. i mean this spinal tap mentality of- it goes to 11, let’s play it that loud may work for metal or rock music but not when my family and others are in church and several shit-apples are being loud as priest is speaking. my family is there to hear him not your damn kid! if your kid turns out to be the messiah, then we’ll talk…

what also drove me nuts was the fact church has a quiet room and doors that lead to outside- use them dammit and spare us the loud ass kidS.

i would gladly pay extra to dine or go someplace in which young children are not allowed.

now, i am sure people are thinking: what a bitch, you were a kid once, you’re mean and blah blah blah blah blah… all of those thoughts are true but i’m just saying, not EVERYONE thinks it’s cute or acceptable when a little kid exercises it’s lungs and taxes my and other people’s last nerve and patience…

oh and by the way, i do have patience but it’s reserved for my daily desire to refrain from eliminating those on my shit list, giving beat downs daily and/or creating a riot in DC using words, angry people and flame throwers.

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