Ugly people

I was at work today, and it were as if it had turned into that dreaded entity known as- high school…
Now, normally I casually vent about silly work events, but I was bullied by a woman that I once thought of as a work buddy, and possibly a friend.
Shw had been giving me the silent trestment for a few weeks; however, the annoying thing is she would not tell me what I did to upset her, then she gave me the whole- talk to the hand thing, tried to shush me/tell me to shut up- and topped it all off with- I could say something but I won’t.
I couldn’t believe she would behave that way 1- at work  & 2- out on the floor!!
She then whispered stuff to two co-workers… to which I said she should tell me what I did so we can talk about it not whisper to her neighbors.
I have to say for my part, I was calm and did not raise my voice to her. She, just looked and sounded ugly given her demeanor.
Any thoughts…


Been busy & tired after work. Will post some poetry soon! Please stand by…

How has your week been?

I love this piece! I recently deactivated my facebook and you would’ve thought the world had ended! My friends responded with the following: WHY?! Are you okay? Is everything fine? How are you doing? You know you can step away from it, and then come back? You know you can delete people from it? Is there something wrong?

I have to admit I felt insulted, like I had to be of unsound mind to de-clutter my life with busy, self important talk which I find a lot on facebook. I think facebook has fallen into the idea of busy.

To be honest, I grew sick of how facebook seem to be more of an outlet for bragging, than about sharing and keeping in touch with others. Keeping in touch turned into- well, I “liked” your status- didn’t I? Or, it became more of- well, I follow you- that’s maintaining a friendship, right?! While I can see those simple forms of contact may be for the masses, it is not the meaningful form of communication my brain appreciates. I may as well go to a bar on a Friday night…

Sorry for the rant a bit there- just trying not to stay THAT busy! We are all busy and need to learn how to make time more meaningful in our everyday comings and goings.

Welcome Back!

It has been awhile… been on assignment with one job. It ends soon, so the game is afoot for something more permanent and with more reward.

I guess I committed a sin by deactivating my facebook, because from the way people reacted to my decision, one would think I cheated on my husband and had abandoned my children- I have neither mind you…

So, with that small victory, I am free to kill time by writing, and NOT reading a friend’s political littering, religious badgering, or how someone leads an awesome life & how life is good.

Now I can cheer on others like the dickens, but there are times I would resd my facebook and think- really? Oh come on already! We all get it- YOU lead a better life than I do- and have done better, where I have failed.

Nevertheless, am happy to be rid of the facebook monkey, though it take some getting some figuring out.

found job, lost job and now am at new one. hope to get to writing again once things get settled more. now live in austin. hope things get better.

i think it funny that we, as a “society,”

confuse passion for anger

and empathy for weakness;

that strong opinions mean one must be wielding a sword in one hand

and ill- thought in the other, is as ridiculous as the consumer whore-ism

and dumb bimbos- male and female, we toss our dollars and our children at.

better yet, tears of joy or sorrow, tears at all- have now become the unholy mark of those we must scoff at and belittle

“obviously” these meager souls have no sense of their own given the emotions shown.

so i guess that’s why we, in our absentee caring, prefer to dumb down a nation than to listen and share in the human condition.

in dreams

i sit in the dark,

a candle slaps the void.

i offer a silent scream to the moon

i see out my window.

my bed is empty

the ink, your pictures are gone.

my nights feel wrong.

i have no one to talk to,

no one to think with—

no one sleeps,

not even in our dreams.



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