found job, lost job and now am at new one. hope to get to writing again once things get settled more. now live in austin. hope things get better.

i think it funny that we, as a “society,”

confuse passion for anger

and empathy for weakness;

that strong opinions mean one must be wielding a sword in one hand

and ill- thought in the other, is as ridiculous as the consumer whore-ism

and dumb bimbos- male and female, we toss our dollars and our children at.

better yet, tears of joy or sorrow, tears at all- have now become the unholy mark of those we must scoff at and belittle

“obviously” these meager souls have no sense of their own given the emotions shown.

so i guess that’s why we, in our absentee caring, prefer to dumb down a nation than to listen and share in the human condition.

in dreams

i sit in the dark,

a candle slaps the void.

i offer a silent scream to the moon

i see out my window.

my bed is empty

the ink, your pictures are gone.

my nights feel wrong.

i have no one to talk to,

no one to think with—

no one sleeps,

not even in our dreams.


1- The Sound of Music

2- The Wizard of Oz

3- Gone with the Wind


5- The Goonies

6- Sex in the City, 1 & 2

7- The Scream series of crap

8- The Paranormal Activity piles of poop

9- Aladdin, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland

10- Titanic & Avatar

Okay, it’s more than 10- couldn’t help it…


my heart exploded inside

when you took that ride.

pieces of you scattered

on an asphalt blanket.

blood and bone

you wouldn’t come home.

i take comfort inside,

you’re a diamond

in the night’s sky.

3 wishes

i sat by the pond to watch the fish swim

but found myself within a sun puddle

and thinking of them

i wished them death

i wished them luck

i wish i didn’t give a fuck

i made some slippers out of seashells

so shards of beauty would be left in my wake

but all i saw were my shattered dreams

and broken hope

— and then i awoke to find

my thoughts scattered about my room

in journals and frozen on my computer


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