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so i boarded the cap metro bus- #1 southbound, for what should have taken an hour to get home. first the bus was late bus was once told that the bus is allowed to be 10 minutes late- in this case however, it was 11 min. late…

so i get on the bus is packed!!! both handicapped areas are occupied as well. many had to stand up.

it was rainy so i imagine that is why many are on the bus, that and 5 pm is when many go home from work.

well, then just as we started the journey, a woman who was short on cash to pay for fare, held up the bus by going on about how she had someplace to go and that she was disabled and how she felt the driver was rude to her… he was not rude to her by any means!

after some time exchanging words with woman, her companion paid the rest of her fare so we can actually move. this whole incident took up about 5 minutes.

needless to say, i missed my connecting east to west routed bus, so that meant i got home later than i had anticipated. :(

  • Austin Cap Metro NEEDS a Flyer that goes north to south and back again from am to pm!
  • South Austin past William Cannon NEEDS more frequent service during peak work commute times
  • Flyer should go from South Congress to William Cannon and Westgate Blvd.
  • light rail to go from south to downtown OR from north to south Austin!

just tired of working people paying price for fact that they share route with undesirables for lack of a better phrase, which frequent many bus routes…

i would pay more to get home quicker via cap metro!

Adopt an OWL!

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death and writing?

some people need to just die

they need to just go away,

and never come back- any day

but it takes restraint not to kill

and not to turn them into bloated corpses

for an innocent to find…

at least that is what the table behind me would say…

they pretend not to notice me

and i do my best to ignore them

although, there are times in which a nicely placed blade

or a few bullets to the head,

could assure my safety, and secure their deaths.

i wonder if these are the thoughts that every writer of death must have

in order to find peace among the words and their literary goals

who really knows.


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