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a black swan laughed at my funeral

its cackles billowed out, mocking my memory

many gasped, still others laughed

they knew me well

a black swan laughed at my funeral

its wings swept the tears away

many were startled while others giggled

so I decided to sit a spell

a black swan laughed at my funeral

its splashing was heard above the wailing

many looked over in dismay

so I took flight aboard the swan

and vowed to return for you all


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they flock around me

to hear what i say

about the acres of dead

i tend to each day

many can’t see

the blood the feeds me

and the decaying corpses of animal and human

that keep me full and warm

i’m the wooden ferryman

for the dead that fall before me

and i’m the keeper of their souls

from now onto eternity

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i played badminton the other day 

and hit cupid in the wing

he cursed up and down

as i rolled on the ground

laughing because i was aiming for his 

quiver of half-smitten arrows


the cat gave a beat down today

it attacked the evil that wanted to stay

she gnawed it raw

and slashed it with her paws

until it expired

and she disappeared

back into the healing waters


the bird with feathers of fire came

it nestled on a weather vane

proud it was

it pruned its long red wings

it picked out the frailties

and insecurities

while it left its heart with a hairline fracture

it hoped it could still beat amongst the chatter

of pale and sick fowl that made food of corpses

that littered the ground

while somewhere her mate

flies higher to find her.



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hot and cuddly,

a cup of cocoa

awaits my lukewarm body.

geese sail across a grey sky;

cold air seeps through

to my insides.

the window-

my time machine,

reveals what is and

has been lost to me.

trees wave my thoughts in

but a fountain pen and paper

is where my soul must begin.


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a crow sat at my side

he pecked and squawked though the night

more birds came and surrounded me

a bloated corpse grounded my body

the murder kept me at bay

as pale memories haunted my getaway

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