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the half-chewed torso tried to smile despite

a diaphragm punctured by the jagged beaks of passing birds

and a paunch belly, bloated from a cocktail of puss, blood, and bile.

amid lonely weeds and gnarly trees the torso was cradled by

bruises of black, purple, and blue with crimson painted upon the loins,

where rabid famished animals jabbed at flesh

and lapped up blood cascading from open wounds.




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sweeping shades of bold color

waltz in a blushing breeze, with

warm rays caressing fields of

a floral renaissance.


nearby, hues of brown

announce proudĀ streams of bark

with serpentine vines,

that yearn to touch the stars.





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hot and cuddly,

a cup of cocoa

awaits my lukewarm body.

geese sail across a grey sky;

cold air seeps through

to my insides.

the window-

my time machine,

reveals what is and

has been lost to me.

trees wave my thoughts in

but a fountain pen and paper

is where my soul must begin.


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