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No body

Barn2-02-1024x680a bloody corpse found its way home today

he had been missing since the month of May

some kids found it by the tree amid the clearing, behind the barn

immediately they concocted a fabulous yarn:

a bloody corpse found its way home today,

he was last seen at a local pub-

his mood was jovial, and his voice was loud-

some felt him to be too proud…

yet he went on boasting… and toasting…

until the sun came out to yawn,

and the new day broke- a blissful dawn.

*   *   *   *   *

And so the whimsical children danced to the police station

and told the captain of their newest revelation

the captain scurried to the crime scene

and was horrified by what he found

There was No body, no dead man, not even the hint of a devious plan

Puzzled the captain turned to the children to say-

Why have you done this to me today

But the children all smiled and cheered

and said- but the body is you, and you are already dead


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bloated sigh

the pumpkin’s grin turned to a frown

when the body hung upside down

blood pooled after a swift downpour

the concrete pleaded please- no more

but the killer laughed as the hung body

let out a bloated sigh

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there was a grey cat

at the hotel i checked in

she purred and greeted me

with a fluffy face and teary eyes.

i went out for dinner and a drink

the weather was cool outside

i thought of the grey cat

when a gag stifled my cries

i thought of the grey cat

when the killer looked into my eyes

i thought of the grey cat

when he gutted my insides

i thought of the grey cat

when my soul watched me die

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her soul brayed with delight

upon viewing her lover’s fright

she danced around his corpse

whistling and clapping

no more, no more…

she giggled and cried

until the police arrived…

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the Road UnEven

they were no bonnie and clyde

she only wanted a ride

they drove down the grainy road

in a convertible for two.

how little she knew

how his temper often blew

she failed to mention the coming turn

she failed to shut up

so his fire began to burn

and his rage began to churn.

he pulled over on the uneven road

he grabbed her by the hair

and pulled her toward his cold stare

out came the blade

he would use to shave;

he slit her throat

and slits upon her body,

but he wasn’t done.

he stabbed her in such a way

to leave holes for her soul to bray;

when he was done

he counted 21

21 holes and 21 slits,

for the girl he left in the ditch.

he then drove off

thinking he was better off,

he began to hum,

One More for the Road.


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I want to say thank you. I use wordpress to field out impressions & such of people that read my work; I then polish up some poems and submit them for possible publication. If anyone knows of any online journals calling for poetry submissions, please feel free to share. 

I just want to get my thoughts out there and out of my head. If you look back at some posts, they are a little more morbid and fall into a Walking Dead-ish/The Killing realm. Also I tackled on October by doing my countdown to Halloween. I would write a poem for each day leading up to the creepy celebration. I may try something this year in which I write one long poem but only do a few lines each day.

In any case, I just wanted to say thanks 🙂

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deep within the catacombs

they live.

footsteps and assault of progress

haunt the silent ones below.

though silent, their groans echo

within the nooks and crannies of bone.

secretly they yearn the day

when they can say, hello.




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