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in dreams

i sit in the dark,

a candle slaps the void.

i offer a silent scream to the moon

i see out my window.

my bed is empty

the ink, your pictures are gone.

my nights feel wrong.

i have no one to talk to,

no one to think with—

no one sleeps,

not even in our dreams.



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the wrinkled blue tie rests on the bed

her achy frame collapses close by

until the tie leaves her side

and hangs back around his neck

where her hands use to go

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she puts on her lipstick

but drops it on the floor

the tube cracks

as he walks out the door

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lite thoughts in the early morning breeze

keep me warm when you’re not with me.

there’s a frog singing under the moonlight

i feel bad my thoughts gave it a fright.

a cat crosses the parking lot

and ducks into a bush

while my memories give my emotions 

a quick push 

into the puddle of you and me.


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can you brew me coffee in the morning?

will you make me breakfast again?

i like my eggs scrambled

like the thoughts in my head.

or maybe it’s my emotions 

that are screwing with me

each time you tickle me.

let’s play again and we’ll see.

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each tattoo i see

each bullet i feel,

pierces my protective shell,

and reminds me of you.

i often toss in bed at night

and wonder why my dreams

offer me such a fright.

i think it may be 

my psyche

that seeks

a protector to thwart 

the darkness away…

it’s queer to me

since you are the epitome

of the anarchist in me.





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not enough

under the tree, 

you met me.

i ate the fruit-

and you called me Eve.

*       *       *

our tattoos intertwine

as our angst builds.

cuddle time,

before the sun rises

to tear us apart again.

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