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i awake to find

myself in binds-

bandages, rope, duct tape.

pain dances along my veins and nerves.

my blood becomes turpentine and acetone.

my eyes and mouth becomes a vessel for ammonia and sulfur;

ravaged by torture, i’m becoming an inarticulate meat sack.

a painted man stands watch over me,

his tattoos and war paint hoard his real self.

he rarely steps into the light.

hours pass,

i won’t last. . .

he watches me-

as i begin to turn,

panic pillages my last tears of humanity;

he slices through my binds

just in time.

*       *       *

finally free, i reach out to him.

finally free, he reaches out to me.

i gnaw at his jugular.

i pull him in,

a carnival of chaos begins








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arms reach out

claws tear at skin

pieces of flesh soar

through stale air

blood reigns

over vacant stares


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now given that my nickname for some time has been Cookie… one would think i appreciate all manner of baked good- WRONG!

now i acquired that name b/c ???

anyway, i will go ahead and say it- i do not see what the big deal is about these cookies. i mean yeah they are cookies and i her they come in certain varieties people go nuts for but again, so- big deal- there are other cookies that have just as tasty, if not more so- zazzy appeal and tastiness 🙂

yeah i get idea that if you buy them you contribute to some gaggle of girls that do stuff for the benefit of mankind or whatever but still- not worth it for me. the two varieties i hear people go nuts for are: the ones that have that coconut crap on them & the ones that are tainted w/mint. as you can tell i hate mint (in foods) and really dislike coconut immensely to point it makes me gag!

still, w/that aside, i still don’t know what big deal is- these and other varieties i have tried at least once but am not impressed w/their “cookie” power.

this is why i am totally baffled as to why people buy boxes of these as if they are essential for life itself. shit, id’ rather buy zombie apocalypse survival kits, flame throwers, or french fries which i feel is far superior to the cookie- yes, there i said it.


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