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sore throat

so it would appear that i have a sore throat and must somehow tame it before the wknd. i have this gig where i call people so i have to be able to talk but talking sucks when your throat holds you hostage.

my usual defenses are: honey, allergy medicine- take your pick, orange juice- gotta have my vitamin c, and tea- usually mint.

however right now i am not sure what to try so i think i may try nyquil so i can sleep and tea… yes, this has to work! if not it’ll put me to bed feeling all warm and sedated 🙂



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so i went out wed. afternoon to have lunch w/my brother, who decided we need to get out and eat! this was a good idea- until…

hrs. pass and at home- not only does my brother get sick, but I get sick 😦

now those of you that know me, you know that 1- i am very accident prone- i trip and fall and almost always have an injury anytime i come home from being out and about; 2- at birth, i never had an immune system- thanks to my brother & one bone marrow transplant, i now do 😉 3- i bruise worse than a tomato and could give a peach a run for its money, lol; 4- i have a very sensitive stomach- thanks dad! i notice i have similar temperament and similar tummy hang ups like him.

so an hour of work to go and i start feeling crampy and then, the attack comes. from 7:30 pm- 5am the following morning, i am tossing my cookies so to speak.

then an odd thing happens- after some sleeping and wakey time that morning, i notice that i feel zippy. not sure why but i feel a lot better and almost, dare i say- ready to tackle more food?!

so 4:40pm rolls around and i decide to have my first meal of the day- and for whatever reason it is the following: a crispy beef taco from taco bell, a beefy tostada, and a large french fries from mc donald’s, lol. i eat that all in 20min. and drink my coke and eat the few bits of fries as i start work! wtf? i know right, i get food poisoning from eating out and what do i do- i eat fast food the next day!

then an odder thing happens, i actually feel nice, thoughtful, productive and cheery while working. i mean abnormally happy… this cont. after work when i then decide to go down my list of things i wanted to do earlier in the day. so i make calls and make up for lost time i guess. it was weird, i became all alert and ready to go out or do whatever.

i’ve found that when sick i usually become very squirrely in the days following… i also lose weight from all the mehness being tossed about- grrr initially but then i think- wow, i feel lighter. yeah, the upside of being sick i guess.

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… so late yesterday/early in a.m., i tried to seek refuge on the couch, curled up in a blanket- wrong.

my lovely cat Cinnamon, decided to sit and stare at me- her eyes turning black like dolls eyes, glazing over w/the look of ‘beat down’ mode. then she freakin’ leaped up and whacked me with her paw on the cheek! luckily she didn’t snag my eye or any other sensitive body part. i was left w/a slight scar on my cheek and thankfully, it didn’t draw blood.

*       *       *

the sore throat couldn’t come at a worse time; monday, i’ve got an appointment i hope goes well. please send good vibes 🙂

*       *       *

after some sleep and benadryl, i hunted for something on tv to tease my brain with and this is what i found: chopped, paranormal witness, ancient aliens, and i think some late night episodes of the nanny will be thrown in there for fun. while i could go on about each show i think i’ll go with what i’m currently watching- Chopped on food network. 

i have to same i’m a sucker for this show. i will even watch episodes that i’ve seen already. i get a kick out of how the contestants have to make something edible out of ingredients that they’ve not seen until they open the baskets. secretly though i long for the times there are odd ingredients like animal parts, sea urchin, durian fruit, etc.

hmmm, given what i have mentioned, i think i’d take some animal parts- soak them in milk and season them w/some salt pepper, lemon and curry. then i’d fry them 😉 as for the sea urchin i’d make a gravy out of it for the durian fruit/sweet potato mash, lol. for fun i’d grill up some tomatoes and asparagus to serve w/the other yummies.

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