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no one?

blood collected in a sun puddle

waiting for someone to notice

but they were too busy

with their phones

and being drones

no one noticed

she was gone

taken by a man

or a woman

that would bring her harm

like i said

no one noticed



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a blue dress crumpled on the floor

broken glass blood on her neck

fate waits at the door

too polite to come in

and save her again

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tripping bodies

one by one

in my way- they’re sulking in decay

hoping time, faith and fate

can provide some comfort

tripping bodies

one by one

keep emotion and true healing at bay

i am your creation

the best of what you can be

tripping bodies

one by one

i’ll be free

once the rigor mortus

sets you at ease

tripping bodies

one by one

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i tripped on my insecurities and nervous energy

i tried to catch myself, but my soul popped out

– and back in place;

for a moment i wanted to stay down-

my only friend was the ground

but then i got up?

i am a messy and awkward meat-sack amoeba

trying to pass as a semi-functional human being.

melodramatic oaf i suppose,

to those that have supported me and to those i do not know.

i have fallen;

a heap of puss, blood, regret and anxiety

poised to meander through another day.

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after proving beyind a doubt, how accident prone i am. i tripped on a raised part of sidewalk in austin: scrapped left palm;freaked as shoulder popped out & then back into place- while falling forward, leaning to right; bruised right knee, & then bled from right palm- my wound looks like someone punched hole in palm.

i was more annoyed i tripped in public than i was walking into heb w/palm bleeding all over& soaking my jacket sleeve. i was impressed by blood as it poured out of palm.

it hurts to type, so i cut & paste the above from fb status- not sure why some could not see it, but here it is above…

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Amongst lonesome crags
Were rotting corpses in trash bags
They rested in manure
Home to insects of every nature
The human buoys would never know
The ocean below
Their souls would keep
Close to black crags and black sheep
Of the land where blood steeps

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the soft, warm part of my heart 
loves a guy so devoted to his special lady. 

the dried bloody part of my heart 
gags silently in the corner. 

the deep red ink is crushed into paper
with the force of my angst and pen.

tangled phrases trudge through my boggy mind
each evening I dip my quill in their head
and leave my wounded words behind.

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