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fluffy grey paws

hid a long-round face

a cold nose nudged my hand

as i sipped my tea midday


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there was a grey cat

at the hotel i checked in

she purred and greeted me

with a fluffy face and teary eyes.

i went out for dinner and a drink

the weather was cool outside

i thought of the grey cat

when a gag stifled my cries

i thought of the grey cat

when the killer looked into my eyes

i thought of the grey cat

when he gutted my insides

i thought of the grey cat

when my soul watched me die

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it’s funny to me how we’re so quick to get rid of an animal. we can say it’s tearing up the place, a terror, disobedient, etc. perhaps with obedience training, said animal could improve and/or be better. some animals, like people, don’t always get along w/everyone and only mesh w/certain personality types, etc.

another thing, it’s funny we’re so quick to get rid of an animal, yet we still nurse and maintain various unhealthy relationships w/friends, family or loved ones. it’s funny b/c in many cases, the relationship w/the pet would be the healthier one to be had- assuming person is not abusive and cruel, etc.

as i write this i am thinking of my new cat Pippa. she is very weary of people, she is young- 8 mths. old, and is jumpy. now many would think to get rid of her but for some reason, she has adopted me and responds to me. she purrs and meows to say hi & follows me. oddly enough, she also follows my father around and he barely has contact with her. some people just have this aura that animals want to be around i suppose. in any case, i know Pippa is not perfect but she still needs love and a home. she has a better chance with me than she does outside on her own and in a shelter, etc. i will do my best to be there for her and be a good mommy to her, haha. i have to say she is doing well. she wanders the house and has already found her comfort spots to sleep in house. she’s funny. more to come later on Pippa’s progress.


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I’ve been away for far too long. I know I have some ideas for poems rattling about but have yet to extract them.

Recently I got a new job then got let go from said job- think it was for several reasons. I grew weary when they kept mentioning how they had two new classes of trainees coming through & let go of one guy that was more than qualified for the job.

As a result of that, I now have to find employment. It sucks, I feel like a loser again. Then again I’ve felt less than myself since 2008. (Thank you horrible excuse for female at grad school in TX. Karma is a bitch from what I hear)!

Aside from that, I have tried to be somewhat hopeful if not totally dive into Lake Despair ( I hear it’s nice this time of year when most of life, etc. seems brightest).

I went to SXSW in Austin, hoping to curb away much of the gloom that had been building since my departure from working world. This helped a bit, but not much.

I came back to find that there had been some drama w/neighbor and a cat. Apparently, the neighbor had decided to hit a cat while it stood atop a fence in fear. What an ass! The guy said he didn’t want his dog to get scratched or something like that… really? really? Really? I am sure that his damn dog (which he “takes care of” by leaving it in the yard all the time), can more than manage a small cat!

The cat ended up running into our garage. It must be good at hiding b/c my family could not find it for days! Finally, I was watching tv late Monday night & I heard some meows coming from the garage. I opened the door and this long grey cat zipped into the house! After settling her in the guest room, we took her to the vet. She now has her shots, is spayed and has a name- Pippa aka Lady Pippa or Grey Lady as the vet called her when we didn’t have name for her yet.

At present, Pippa is under my bed sleeping, I think. She investigated my room and even came to sit by me while I did computer stuff. She is still jumpy and weary of many things. Despite this natural fear, I think she will get use to house.

Now I do have another cat, her name is Cinnamon. When the two cats met Briefly, Cinnamon & Pippa exchanged a series of hisses, followed by low growls. Once Pippa has rested for about a week, I will then re-introduce the two ladies.

More on Pippa and Cinnamon later- pictures soon to follow.

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my cat is nestled on the window sill

the sun light streams through

i arrange my books and notes

the cocoa is sweet and the marshmallows float

i sigh and think about my day

and how i wish you’d go away

i guess i could kill you again

your bloody corpse-

my garden’s special friend.

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I found my cat beating a heap of meat

she pawed and clawed

hissed and purred

She was content

that I was sure

Hours went by

the meat went dry

She left it beside

my black boot

I gazed down

and giggles drowned

the squishy splatter

of a heart that doesn’t matter

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