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i bore each encounter with a mind crippled by an emotional dominatrix.

pieces of failure and sheets of fear harnessed themselves to obese brain matter;

i hoped these quirks could be willed away,

but my prefab pandemics would ravage me daily.

failed encounters formed a lucid patch upon my quilted iron maiden-

a morbid sort of attire that punctured through, and cocooned my petite haven.

the quilted pieces were soaked with tears of frustration

coagulated with the blood of those i killed in earnest temptation.

shackled within an arrested spirit and poisoned heart,

hope would escape from my corroded shell-

only to trip on the drunken gusts of stillborn or impotent effort.


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yay! BFF’S!!!

(i have that pier one commercial in mind that has the lady walking in store as a penguin ornament asks a lady- hey, psst- does this tree make me look fat?! lady says- No w/the penguin replying w/YAY BFF’S!)

that commercial always makes me giggle.

anyhoo, so i think i may have found a new BFF- fear not my female and male BFF’s, you are both very safe.  😉

i’ve been pet sitting and the time to bask in the awesomeness that is ME, has led me to venture into the house’s workout room. the other night, after walking the dog for about 30 min., and almost getting lost- thank god for phone and map feature, about only real use i care to admit a smart phone has in my opinion. more on that later.

after the walk, i came in and hit the treadmill for 30 min. after i felt great and relaxed w/some Richard III watching and later some frank Sinatra reading. i thought it would be nice to repeat same thing the next night.

this leads me to the next day. i awoke and went out for a bit but came back to work and then followed it up w/a walk in the cold and rain. i then hit the treadmill for another 30 min. huzzah.

now friday since i do not work i am thinking i will take the dog on a longer walk, say and hour and then hit the weight bench thing-a-ma-bob, then the treadmill for a wee bit. yes, it shall be so.

i got so excited the first night i was working out, i went out and bought some sports bras, work out pants and tops and some snazzy sneakers 😉  double huzzah!

the trick is that i must keep this up when i no longer pet sit. alas, no more work out room. also, it is nice that the work out stuff is at pet sitting location b/c i am more prone to being proactive about working out. SO, i’ve been looking for a treadmill on craig’s list- shhh, don’t tell my current bff/treadmill; i’m afraid he will get jealous- yes, as with human males, i think my bff treadmill will get jealous 😉 lol j/k <giggles>

not sure what to look for which is why i shall be picking the brains of some of my pals that actually work out, etc.

stay tuned for future work out updates, bff updates- no not really, and all words in between 😀

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curled up 

her curves are like a cashew

and her dreams are baked

with hope and desire

curled up

her brown locks

throw themselves on mediocre pillows

hard stressed while muscles are pressed

curled up

her eyes flutter

and call to them the carpetbagger- “love”

he is blind, deaf and dumb

to her tender care and soulful mind

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the soft, warm part of my heart 
loves a guy so devoted to his special lady. 

the dried bloody part of my heart 
gags silently in the corner. 

the deep red ink is crushed into paper
with the force of my angst and pen.

tangled phrases trudge through my boggy mind
each evening I dip my quill in their head
and leave my wounded words behind.

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