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i’d like to take a bath in a cup of warm brew

it offers the warmth and consistency i never knew

it would never abandon me

 or ever ignore or slander me

i’d sit and soak awhile

and forget the many that 

taxed my emotions and time

with their arrogant charms 

fake smiles and poisoned rhymes

bring me a cup of warm brew

and i will recount 

the slew of impotent swine i knew


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melancholy red blues her lips.

bruises from emotionally impotent males


the contents of Pandora’s pitcher

staggers among resilient ch’i.

thin milk chocolate hair and dark coffee eyes

suffer her age.



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leaves of three

sprung around me


leaves golden

meandered through

my walk about


leaves golden, healthy and soft

whispered to me, “i love you.”


*       *       *

foundation flooded by arsenic tears

woman made up with lead make up

painted and dressed

tresses stressed

perplexed mind

silver tongue refined

by chiseled heart

*       *        *

crinkled burgundy paper

puddles near the desk;

books scattered like sheets from bed-

pens hitch a ride via bookshelves;

coffee cups by themselves.

paperweight,  flower inside

orange blossom

i am alive





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