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No body

Barn2-02-1024x680a bloody corpse found its way home today

he had been missing since the month of May

some kids found it by the tree amid the clearing, behind the barn

immediately they concocted a fabulous yarn:

a bloody corpse found its way home today,

he was last seen at a local pub-

his mood was jovial, and his voice was loud-

some felt him to be too proud…

yet he went on boasting… and toasting…

until the sun came out to yawn,

and the new day broke- a blissful dawn.

*   *   *   *   *

And so the whimsical children danced to the police station

and told the captain of their newest revelation

the captain scurried to the crime scene

and was horrified by what he found

There was No body, no dead man, not even the hint of a devious plan

Puzzled the captain turned to the children to say-

Why have you done this to me today

But the children all smiled and cheered

and said- but the body is you, and you are already dead


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so at church and in taco bell today, i encountered one of my least fave things: noisy-ass kids. i even got into it a bit w/a guy behind me in line at taco bell, about this matter. he said there is no way to “discipline” a child/baby/whatever a younger person, small enough to chunk into a box is called… NO i would not do this (before i get kid lovers and others of the like attacking me).

anyway, this assclown said that kids are naturally loud and one must accept this and learn to understand these things. he spoke as if he were jane goodall speaking on subjects that have been studied greatly- in depth and for many years. he in fact does not have kids so i wonder what observations he has made which have lead him to this grand conclusion…

as for me, my parents kept an eye on me. now while they were not there and everywhere at once, they were keen on making sure i was 1- of no trouble to anyone in the general public and 2- obedient enough in accordance w/their noise level and behavioral preferences.

this is why i CAN NOT grasp concept of letting kids run a muck w/little discipline. thinking that 1- it’s okay to have screaming kids in church and 2- lets have noisy kids in public eateries.

while i can appreciate it being hard to tell baby or child- shhh and then they magically honor such a request, i do think it’s rude and inconsiderate to let your child ruin the dining experience of other people- families included that CAN keep kids to a reasonable decibel. i mean this spinal tap mentality of- it goes to 11, let’s play it that loud may work for metal or rock music but not when my family and others are in church and several shit-apples are being loud as priest is speaking. my family is there to hear him not your damn kid! if your kid turns out to be the messiah, then we’ll talk…

what also drove me nuts was the fact church has a quiet room and doors that lead to outside- use them dammit and spare us the loud ass kidS.

i would gladly pay extra to dine or go someplace in which young children are not allowed.

now, i am sure people are thinking: what a bitch, you were a kid once, you’re mean and blah blah blah blah blah… all of those thoughts are true but i’m just saying, not EVERYONE thinks it’s cute or acceptable when a little kid exercises it’s lungs and taxes my and other people’s last nerve and patience…

oh and by the way, i do have patience but it’s reserved for my daily desire to refrain from eliminating those on my shit list, giving beat downs daily and/or creating a riot in DC using words, angry people and flame throwers.

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my books as of late. i’ve adopted two new kids along the way- a Sinatra biography- The Voice and a book about forgotten symbols and such; those along w/The Idiot, Tess of the D’ Urbervilles, and Sherlock Holmes Vol. I have made up my reading list for some time but now that I am more at “peace” w/the rest of what’s going on w/me, I can take care of them and actually read them. hopefully i can finish them and move onto new books soon, in time for the holidays. to do this, i need to type up my list of: try these subtle changes and perhaps you’ll read more, etc. it’ll be a way for me to read during my time w/o getting side tracked, i hope.

whether or not this works i do not know but i’ll give it a go. a lot of these works have also influenced what i have been writing after my recent Halloween Project musings. i have to admit though, i do take great comfort and risk in writing about my angst. i realize many may read what i write and even if they know me, think- oh wow, she’s messed up. perhaps that is the case but then again i tend to think everyone is messed up but it’s just that some people are not as comfortable w/that part of themselves as others and that as a result, some people hide their “darker” or more colorful side a lot more than others.

i tend to wave my flag like it’s surfing a snowstorm. i’d like to think my flag is crimson with a chocolate chip cookie on it that mirrors the Comedian’s button from Watchmen. as a result, i’ve been called crazy which i detest to no end. i’m passionate you imbeciles, not crazy. there’s a difference- especially when one considers how a truly creative mind works. btw, many thanks to those that actually “get me”… my rant is not directed toward you 🙂

so, it is w/great pleasure that i attack some subjects, hopefully making them amusing for not only myself but for others.




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Huddled them near

He kept them dry from

Dark and decrepit fear


He wore a tall black hat

And long black scarf

He toted a batty black umbrella

To guide them all about


The children loved him

And Their small hearts leapt

When escorted in abecedary by Mr. Death

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While the children sleep, she creeps upon them.
Each night she watches their weary heads hit the pillow;
she is their weeping willow.

Many years have gone by
since the two from within have died
and she hung herself from the beam above
while the children sleep.

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