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a husky blanket

smoky brown eyes

tip toe out

from a husky blanket

the two cranky orbs

clench in fear

as rays of light nip at them

sleep flirts with me

through the night

but never stays to comfort me


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… now some time ago i was in wee stages of creating a blog of my creative works. i think a break up had something to do with it but i refuse to say it was my main inspiration for wanting to share my poetic nuggets of mind babies.

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it’s now day 14 into my Halloween Project and i must say i am pleased that i have stuck by my desire to share a new poem each day, leading up to Halloween 🙂 much of what i have written does not surprise me in the sense that it stems from the morbid humor or side of me. i suspect that this quasi-gloom cotton candy cloud dwells within each of us yet i highly doubt many are as ready to admit and accept that side of them as i and others have. i tend to think people have a light and dark w/the rest being grey. i just think that some lean more toward one side or the other. that said, some of my writings have come from my hrs. watching paranormal related programming while other poems stem from what i find creepy. now, given that many are not poetry readers or dare i say- readers at all and given that many do not like or have an interest in the paranormal, i would like to thank those that have stumbled on to my word press puddle of thought and would very much like to thank those that have left their comments and such. though i am not a writer in the realm of Poe, Rilke, or Shakespeare, I am a writer and I do take what I write seriously; it holds the same passion for me as some would have for hunting or being in love with their beloved. as a writer and being passionate about their beloved or my mind babies as i like to call them, i am left feeling vulnerable. now it’s not a vulnerability toward people telling me my writing sucks or why bother w/it b/c it’s not like it matters or is something tangible, but rather to the lack of feedback. i’d rather someone tell me my stuff sucks than not hear anything at all. that feedback void leaves me feeling: what the hell? does anyone enjoy my writing other than me?! lol/grrr. 

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While the children sleep, she creeps upon them.
Each night she watches their weary heads hit the pillow;
she is their weeping willow.

Many years have gone by
since the two from within have died
and she hung herself from the beam above
while the children sleep.

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