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Lazy day?

what is it about a day in which you feel under the weather that while making your work week a slight mess, also gives you some form of piece of mind. now mind you i am not speaking of those that have severe illness- just the average under the weather feeling- stuffy head, sore throat- in terms of minor allergy discomfort or slight cold or tiredness…

i am trying to make the most of my day feeling run down. i have made lunch- jambalaya, and am determined to do three WordPress postings! i am also tending to paperwork for my new job which starts next week, for which i am very excited! i have a shorter commute which means everything if you commute via public transit! i also will be paid a little more for what i believe i am worth, work-wise… my old commute was about 2 hours there and 2 hours and 15 min or so back!! lol, yes, i suppose i am a glutton for doing things in a tedious manner?!

hmmm, it would appear that the microwave is summoning me to collect my meal from its mighty belly of microwave power!

more to come…


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where he eats the souls and hearts

of those that had come before my clumsy arrival…

*       *       *

they feasted upon him;

they took his humanity and forced it through a meat grinder.

they laughed each time he cried out in pain.

*       *       *

i do the best i can.

i tend to his wounds with comedic love and absurd care.

i feed him the morsels of hope i barricade within, in case of emergency.

but sometimes, i find him feasting on my heart, little nibbles to sustain his quest-

his quest to inflict more pain on a decaying world.

nevertheless, hope lingers; he manages to restore what he takes from me.








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under the wheel of a shopping cart

was an eyeball along for the ride

it skipped and slided

along the floor

it was a black hole to the stars of dust that beings tracked in

the filthy eyeball held hopes and failures

while its event horizon had been clogged with encrusted bloody tears

soon it would meet its match against my crimson stained boots.


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a comatose heart on an embalming table

makes the sound of bulky vegetables in a food processor

spin-chop-spin-chop, pulse-pulse

a deformed organ numb to cancerous whispers of escape—

a tumble off the table during clumsy injections of adrenaline

spin-chop-spin-chop, pulse-pulse

a comatose heart on an embalming table

bleeds from cigarette burns and cuts on all sides

death glides above and waits

for the heart to succumb to malignant hope clogging its valves

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wtf? seriously. the other day i paid 30 bucks for food at burger king. get your way- not anymore!

i found out that they no longer will carry their chicken fries- they rocked, were spiced nicely and tasted yummy and they didn’t make me feel like a bloated cow. also, the food was lukewarm at best… gee, i see mcdonalds has renounced its craptastic food crown and given it to burger king.

mcdonald’s, wtf is up w/the shamrock shake?! throw it in medium drink container w/o that damn whipped cream & cherry- not everyone wants to feel as though they were raped by starbucks! oh, and while we’re at it- wtf, is up w/your new look- outside??? why do you want to look like a reject from a box o’ coffee factory? def. horrible and a bitchified knock off of a franzia box o wine.

i grew up w/mcdonalds & burger king and when my mom made mexican food, i ate those two tasty yummies- now, welcome to the suck- they are both in habit of churning out mediocre, lukewarm crap so baffling, we try it again and think- no way, can’t be this… yeah, it is that bad. my recent fast food outings have left me w/less love for my once faves and more love for: taco bell- actually tastes how i recall it did in my kiddie days; wendy’s- thank you god for your new fries, but watch it- keep ’em hot and fresh 😉 ; and short stop- thank you for the tasty chicken strips and fries i had the pleasure of eating after being beaten by the badness of burger king’s aborted, once great food.

oh while i am bashing burger king- wtf is up w/your fries?! seriously? did you yearn to serve the afterbirth of what once were wendy’s fries?! are you pissed you can’t go back to your old fries now b/c it’s too late and carl jr’s (another layer of hell), now serves them? btw, my hate of carl jr’s began and ended when i ate there and was served raw chicken- yes- raw tofu-like chunks of chicken. grrr.

now i have been a lover of mcdonald’s for yrs. and seeing as it is only one of two fast food places in my immediate area, i have to go there more than i’d like… but i think i may just skip that and hit up sonic for tater tots- mmm, tots 😉

yeah this is an rather odd rant i admit but being a patron of fast food for awhile i think i am entitled to why i think fast food is sucking & their former founders would roll over in graves & why their should be a book entitled: the decline of western civilization: a look at how fast food bends us over and takes our childhood away from us.

enjoy my lovelies, enjoy 😉

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now given that my nickname for some time has been Cookie… one would think i appreciate all manner of baked good- WRONG!

now i acquired that name b/c ???

anyway, i will go ahead and say it- i do not see what the big deal is about these cookies. i mean yeah they are cookies and i her they come in certain varieties people go nuts for but again, so- big deal- there are other cookies that have just as tasty, if not more so- zazzy appeal and tastiness 🙂

yeah i get idea that if you buy them you contribute to some gaggle of girls that do stuff for the benefit of mankind or whatever but still- not worth it for me. the two varieties i hear people go nuts for are: the ones that have that coconut crap on them & the ones that are tainted w/mint. as you can tell i hate mint (in foods) and really dislike coconut immensely to point it makes me gag!

still, w/that aside, i still don’t know what big deal is- these and other varieties i have tried at least once but am not impressed w/their “cookie” power.

this is why i am totally baffled as to why people buy boxes of these as if they are essential for life itself. shit, id’ rather buy zombie apocalypse survival kits, flame throwers, or french fries which i feel is far superior to the cookie- yes, there i said it.


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no, not as in grrr Great as that tiger often proclaims when people eat his cereal. i mean, when the hell do you see a tiger eat sugary flakes of corn?! never that’s when!

anyway, so earlier this evening i had an run in w/others in a meh mood and thus the ch’i of mehness flowed to me and now i am in a meh mood, when i was actually feeling pretty good thanks to sassy conversation w/my fly honey.

it’s amazing how one word or image or anything really can set of “a mood” in a person. now despite what some say- you can’t always not let it get to you or not let it win by taking control of you and blah blah blah- i push my feelings down and put them in time out bullshit…

i am big advocate of let the angst flow- there’s no need for a damn to break later…

so what i try to do nowadays, is vent via blog or poetry that i may let others read in event they can or can not relate.

i also have been known to draw or create some form of abstract piece of mehness- my pastels are missing me right about now.

or i try to eat something small and yummy like a chocolate bar or my fave pick me up (no not Jack Daniels or a guy named Jack or whatnot), but the almighty Potato!

sometimes, i even just throw a goofy toy towards my cat and watch the comedy surface…

however, there are times when you just want to rip the crap out of something or shoot shit in the backyard or possibly just stab something- it’s these times i sometimes fester, shake and see what comes out.

now i’ve been told this is not healthy & blah blah blah- screw you is what i really think.

but, eventually i calm down and get out what irks me- imagine that people that try to say: calm down, etc.

now i feel some angsty poetry coming on but i am not sure i have enough meh ch’i to let it shine, lol via a blog, etc.

hmmm, perhaps some pizza rolls will help?


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