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no, not as in grrr Great as that tiger often proclaims when people eat his cereal. i mean, when the hell do you see a tiger eat sugary flakes of corn?! never that’s when!

anyway, so earlier this evening i had an run in w/others in a meh mood and thus the ch’i of mehness flowed to me and now i am in a meh mood, when i was actually feeling pretty good thanks to sassy conversation w/my fly honey.

it’s amazing how one word or image or anything really can set of “a mood” in a person. now despite what some say- you can’t always not let it get to you or not let it win by taking control of you and blah blah blah- i push my feelings down and put them in time out bullshit…

i am big advocate of let the angst flow- there’s no need for a damn to break later…

so what i try to do nowadays, is vent via blog or poetry that i may let others read in event they can or can not relate.

i also have been known to draw or create some form of abstract piece of mehness- my pastels are missing me right about now.

or i try to eat something small and yummy like a chocolate bar or my fave pick me up (no not Jack Daniels or a guy named Jack or whatnot), but the almighty Potato!

sometimes, i even just throw a goofy toy towards my cat and watch the comedy surface…

however, there are times when you just want to rip the crap out of something or shoot shit in the backyard or possibly just stab something- it’s these times i sometimes fester, shake and see what comes out.

now i’ve been told this is not healthy & blah blah blah- screw you is what i really think.

but, eventually i calm down and get out what irks me- imagine that people that try to say: calm down, etc.

now i feel some angsty poetry coming on but i am not sure i have enough meh ch’i to let it shine, lol via a blog, etc.

hmmm, perhaps some pizza rolls will help?



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1- children that are way too noisy and that run rampant for their own good, often to dismay of other folk that actually want to enjoy their time out of house. btw, my parents would spank the crap out of me or yell at me if i acted like these little shitapples.

2- i’m an impatient person/like to plan how i spend my time- i can elaborate on why later, so don’t tax my patience b/c you don’t know what a clock is or don’t understand the concept of time.

3- people in check out lanes- get your damn money out before they ask you. you know you’re there to buy something, etc.

4- people in check out lanes, part 2- read the damn sign- 10 or 20 items or less is there for a reason- your dumb ass and your additional 10 items for your awesome party are adding to the time i have to be in this noisy children enriched environment.

5- i’m quite vocal. if i want something, i’ll ask for it. otherwise, leave me be to my angst, my ch’i, and me.

6- if i’m quite, it’s for a reason- believe it or not i don’t talk all the time or want company all the time so let me have my me time and go away.

7- clothes on pets- why? seriously- why? my cat would plot my death if i did that to her.

8- parents, watch what you say or do in front of children- IT WILL, come back to haunt you later.

9- reg. shoes: recently i was and still am, on quest for shoes. however, i am not like most women that feel the need to have mountain goat inspired heels that offer anything in way of true comfort and reasonable care to their feet.  case in point- the abnormal way that i am now to arch my foot 24/7 so i can fit into shoes that will eventually cause my  heels to seek surgery to correct condition brought about by abnormal arching in shoes and death heels. i want boots, not torture devices on my feet.

10- bras- make better fitting ones for women- ahem, half sizes and such would be nice and should be mandatory! where’s howard hughes when you need him?

11- i can’t help you unless you tell me what’s wrong.

12- i may be small but i am fierce.

13- banks- take your fees and shove it up your ass!

14- jobs- how are people going to gain experience if you won’t give them a chance. also, if i’m applying that means i want job despite lack of snazzy pay or benefits.

15- mcdonald’s why does my food seem to constantly suck? call me crazy but i never felt disappointed when i was a kid- my food was hot and yummy- fix it and fix the damn fries while you’re at it!

16- people in bookstores- shut the hell up! this also goes for people in museums… so help me, “I’ll rip out your eyes and piss on your brain”. (Trading Places)

17- movie theaters: why the hell do i need to feel like i’m at home going numb over all the damn commercials?! stop them- give me more damn previews! also, quite raping me on/the cost of popcorn and such.

18- Jack Daniel’s- a preferred drink of Mr. Sinatra and myself; make cute little bags like crown royal does! most of my wardrobe is black and i need new purses for going out 😉

19- politicians- shut up and work together to better the lives of the people you represent; do not constantly bitch about who is to blame and offer up half-assed apologies, both parties are to blame b/c it takes two to tango. also, even if we vote for one party or another, it’s still in the hands of you people to make it happen.

20- gov’t & education system- wtf?! it’s like we’re trying to dumb down everything these days.

21- Corn Nuts: bring back the damn pepperoni pizza kind! they were great w/my Jack n’ cokes in college! I miss them 😦

22- Pop Tarts: you asshats got rid of the Frosted Dutch Apple ones! Why? 😦

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