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death and writing?

some people need to just die

they need to just go away,

and never come back- any day

but it takes restraint not to kill

and not to turn them into bloated corpses

for an innocent to find…

at least that is what the table behind me would say…

they pretend not to notice me

and i do my best to ignore them

although, there are times in which a nicely placed blade

or a few bullets to the head,

could assure my safety, and secure their deaths.

i wonder if these are the thoughts that every writer of death must have

in order to find peace among the words and their literary goals

who really knows.


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my heart exploded inside

when you took that ride.

pieces of you scattered

on an asphalt blanket.

blood and bone

you wouldn’t come home.

i take comfort inside,

you’re a diamond

in the night’s sky.

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a distant bell tolls for thee

blood hugs a guillotine

animals prey on hollow remains

while tears collect in ceramic hearts

Infinity giggles at Death and Love

looks like Life took the day off

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i felt a chill the other day

it wasn’t the pills i tried to take

it wasn’t Death upon my grave

it was the crisp breeze

of the Angel’s wings

and the whisper of the word

Believe . . .

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there was a grey cat

at the hotel i checked in

she purred and greeted me

with a fluffy face and teary eyes.

i went out for dinner and a drink

the weather was cool outside

i thought of the grey cat

when a gag stifled my cries

i thought of the grey cat

when the killer looked into my eyes

i thought of the grey cat

when he gutted my insides

i thought of the grey cat

when my soul watched me die

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the sheer fabric

Life just is

it’s neither good

nor bad

Life weaves us a blindfold

of the profane 

and the sublime

only in Death

will the fire of our soul

burn and melt the blindfold off

to reveal the truth

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when i write…

i am not going to kill myself or physically harm myself. everyone has darker thoughts but it does not mean they are going to go shoot up a place, harm others or themselves- if that were the case then you would need a huge jail or hospital to house these people. many of them are most creative thinkers and such; i say this b/c i constantly get worried messages (thank you for caring by the way) & people commenting about how i should not share my morbid musings with others in public realm… i get it but i’m fine & people should be fine with it. there is FAR worse on tv, cable and in movies that should warrant closer attention than my cookie crumbs or the crumbs of others.

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