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nature flickered

while the lights of the house flickered in the distance,

the grey clouds above struggled to offer a downpour.

i strolled the grounds waiting for your return

but you would not come-

not now, not ever.

*       *       *

spring came and the flowers attacked the hills

while the wind whipped its way through the painted sky,

i sat under the great oak, reading my books and writing my poems

until a terrible cough of wind, blew some of my thoughts away.

with nature’s indiscreet gesture, i am left with the chill of who you were.



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sweeping shades of bold color

waltz in a blushing breeze, with

warm rays caressing fields of

a floral renaissance.


nearby, hues of brown

announce proud streams of bark

with serpentine vines,

that yearn to touch the stars.





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cocky aggression rained on the coarse petals of vulnerability;

bees have mistaken the flowers for something nice and easy.

over the mountains a pungent tempest of death marches through;

a brood of hearts trapped prayed for restitution?


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which was bring a goofy stuffed animal and take pics during black friday. i was pleasantly distracted so i guess that idea just flew out of my mind. some point in the coming week i will either do the hat or toy on the go creative project, lol.

stay tuned kids.

rain fell

on the roof

the plants and trees

screamed with fear

hoping more rain

would bless us

the coming year

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hot and cuddly,

a cup of cocoa

awaits my lukewarm body.

geese sail across a grey sky;

cold air seeps through

to my insides.

the window-

my time machine,

reveals what is and

has been lost to me.

trees wave my thoughts in

but a fountain pen and paper

is where my soul must begin.


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space time

he planted a tree

and watched it grow

he built a house

and watched it burn

he walked alone

and found a soul

he worked all day

and found himself

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In the clearing of old trees
There is a well.
It is made of local stones,
Soaked from blood
Of woman, child and man.
Souls flood out to catch moonlight
And visit the living with desire to find
A human to posses by blackening their mind.
Each night souls come and souls go;
Some set free while others grow cold.
Only souls dead for forty years plus
May seek another,
to take their place in watery puss.
It’s time for me; I must settle in,
My forty years are set to begin.

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