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twirling hair

into knots-

bound and unbound,

over and over

again; here we go…

talking faster

i can never master

the skill

of being

with another.


is my mantra

while cupid smites

me with a murder of arrows.

i still have my sorrow

of forgotten tomorrow-

maybe luck will be woven

into my coven of pain

maybe hope, as in

Pandora’s pitcher

will remain.


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which was bring a goofy stuffed animal and take pics during black friday. i was pleasantly distracted so i guess that idea just flew out of my mind. some point in the coming week i will either do the hat or toy on the go creative project, lol.

stay tuned kids.

rain fell

on the roof

the plants and trees

screamed with fear

hoping more rain

would bless us

the coming year

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