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lite thoughts in the early morning breeze

keep me warm when you’re not with me.

there’s a frog singing under the moonlight

i feel bad my thoughts gave it a fright.

a cat crosses the parking lot

and ducks into a bush

while my memories give my emotions 

a quick push 

into the puddle of you and me.



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My responses to James Lipton’s 10-questions:

1. What is your favorite word?
right now, sassy

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What turns you on?
a guy that realizes I have I love literature, opera, and romantic things despite how I come across

4. What turns you off?
babies and children

5. What sound do you love?
the voice of someone that makes me feel giddy

6. What sound do you hate?
noisy children & babies

7. What is your favorite curse word?

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

9. What profession would you not like to do?
anything on a boat or in air- i get motion sickness

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
I was rooting for you the whole time; sorry about your mother and how it effected the family. OR I know what you and your family went through; Karma exists, and I took care of things.

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and it was alright. now before i cont. i want to say that 1- i am not a practicing christian. 2- i go only to please my mother and family b/c they like to have me there. 3- i have a lot of questions and issues concerning organized religion in general.

w/that said, this blog is just a compilation of my thoughts while in church or en route.

– cool, got my usual seat when i do attend- at the back, to the right, over by statue of St. Michael slaying a demon

– parents, don’t drag your kids to church

– parents, don’t bribe your kid to go to church w/you

– parents, don’t do anything physically to child if they offer resistance to going to church or do not perform certain rites of church exactly they way you think they should

– just like there is a hero with a thousand faces, i’d like to think there’s a god with a thousand faces.

– when i was little, church use to be snack time for me- where’s the kid w/the ritz crackers, peanut butter crackers and/or oreos?!

– on the rare occasion i did go on a sunday (i don’t now b/c i work every sunday morning), i def. didn’t notice This Many people here during regular sunday mass.

– i like the cliff notes so to speak that they gave me upon entering- it was a list of prayers and such concerning the stations of the cross. i am glad for this b/c i would’ve felt more lost than i did when i sat down. i had know idea what i had to do. also, it gave me heads up for when to sit, kneel, stand and pray.

– church was a work out. sit-kneel-stand- pray, do 15 reps of each.

– i can’t believe people show up late?! it’s rude. i wouldn’t do it for a play, the opera, the symphony, a musical or any other type of performance so why do that now?

– also, given it that it is a formal occasion, why can’t people dress up somewhat?! i like to be comfy but heck, even i know i’m not going out to happy hour right now… in the same token, i do hate that it even matters; i realize the point is that they show up.

– why do i have to come to a structure known as a church to pray to god? why can’t i do it everyday in my normal surroundings?

– i’m hungry

– how long is this going to be?

– glad they didn’t use incense- for some reason what they use causes my stomach to ache much like it does when my mother cooks liver and onions

– after stations of cross, where did everyone go?!

– during service of christ’s last words, didn’t we do this already?

– thoughts about stigmata- this went on during most of service.

– i wonder what my father is thinking, why’s he trying to make me laugh? haha, go dad!

– i don’t see a lot of women wearing what my mother does over her head, hmmm- weird.

– i wonder what the priest thinks about the pope’s visit to cuba, etc.

– thoughts stray to The Master and Margarita- look it up and you’ll know why.

– that’s a nice truck the church is selling raffle tickets to win.

– i want to go to the fish fry they’re having- yummies.

– i am still hungry.

– how come they don’t have holy water in the bowls or whatnot when you walk in? what if i wanted some? i can tell others are disappointed too.

– thought about my Jesus shirt at home, ha ha… i miss my God Squad t-shirt

– thoughts about dane cook’s stand up routine concerning church and such, haha.

– what? we’re leaving now? okay.




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Trapped by words and blood

She huddles near the floor

She clutches her toy cat

And hopes for no more

Yet COld words stream in

Tinged with Old fears

& accusations of sin

She does her best to

Bear it outwardly

And within

But too many sighs
Stagger in with frustrated cries

As she thinks

No wonder why some die

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