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my soul can easily devour a good violin-

sharp stabs and broad sweeps of the bow,

is where my power animal often goes…

but every now and then

a bevy of sadistic thoughts scatter in,

and a murder of imbeciles-

of bastard impotent boys

trapped in the stench of decaying youth,

tickle my fancy, and shake my nerves with laughter.

thick, vividly morose liquids splatter the array of my shiny soldiers

as I dismember and disembowel the once indifferent bi-pedal sacks of

maggots, flies, and false pretenses.

where was I now, about my soul and a good violin…


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In the clearing of old trees
There is a well.
It is made of local stones,
Soaked from blood
Of woman, child and man.
Souls flood out to catch moonlight
And visit the living with desire to find
A human to posses by blackening their mind.
Each night souls come and souls go;
Some set free while others grow cold.
Only souls dead for forty years plus
May seek another,
to take their place in watery puss.
It’s time for me; I must settle in,
My forty years are set to begin.

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I sat across from myself one day,
she sat down to catch some shade.
I saw her eyes
and giggled like a bee;
I wondered how
she came to find me…
After a bit of freshly squeezed time
I leaned across, and said she was mine;
she could not leave to find me again.
I felt my soul was on the mend.
She forcibly blinked for the first time
and then pulled out some burgundy twine.
She threw me the tattered clump of stuff,
then rose up and uttered, enough.
She left me a new heap of burgundy twine;
it kept me busy, waiting for the sublime.

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