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i hate these nights when you can not sleep. yeah, i’m a live and i recently had a birthday that i spent 9 days celebrating. not sure what to say actually. as a gift my BFF gave me a journal to spew my thoughts into but when he gave it to me i thought for a minute- i didn’t know what to do with it; as a jump start for my brain I asked him why he got that for me- he gave me a reasonable answer: i use to write and that he thought i could find it useful in expressing myself, etc. he then said he liked the paper in it; it reminded both of us of a wedding invitation we each had recently got in the mail. oddly enough, i got another gift that sort of goes w/the journal- a bottle of jack daniel’s. now while i like jack daniel’s, it as well as anger are what i am trying to straw from in terms of motivation or writing aids. hmmm, where was i?

oh yes- the journal. i honestly don’t know what to do w/it- now those that know me, know i like to write and i own several journals which are littered about my room and boxes of things waiting to be opened when i finally do reach a new dwelling.

this journal is so pretty- paper and cover-wise, that i’d hate to mutilate it with any ill attempts at poetry or creative writing. i wonder if i should spend an afternoon, revisiting my journals to see what i can do w/them? maybe i can re-purpose them and send them along a new and exciting path- doing what, i don’t know…

crap, my tea is getting cold.


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since life has not gone as swimmingly as it has w/others, i don’t have an awesome job i can go on about, don’t have a supportive bf or husband- never have had one worth anything, don’t have a stylish wardrobe, snazzy house, bitchin car, or even a kid- dare i say the “k” word. (btw, the last one is 99.9 % out of question for me seeing as i am rather irked by vast majority of them)…

I have my cat Cinnamon; she and other feline friends i’ve had have been of great comfort to me through the years. so, she is like the little girl i shall not have- btw, i’d def. want a son were i able to carry one.

anyhoo, i digress- so earlier i had wandered the house searching for my Cinnamon. i looked in her usual hiding places but didn’t find her. not odd i thought, b/c she usually turns up later in evenings on various occasions. it’s now 1:36am and i found my cat about 10 min ago. she had spent most of the time in the garage, say about 5 hrs or so.

now, normal cats meow when stuck in spaces, etc. but for whatever reason- she does not! i found this out once when she got stuck in a closet and for an hour i didn’t hear a peep.

after my shower i went looking for her since she did not show up waiting at door as she usually does. i was furious to see her in garage and even more annoyed that someone had forgotten her and left her in there.

after talking to her and petting her, i let her eat and told her she should potty- she actually did as i suggested after another two gobbles of food. i then gave her treats for being such a good kitty.

i was planning on going to sleep early but now i am too wound up to try sleep- good thing i made some tea and a peanut butter sandwich.

i know in the morning i shall let the responsible party know what they did wrong to put it nicely.


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sore throat

so it would appear that i have a sore throat and must somehow tame it before the wknd. i have this gig where i call people so i have to be able to talk but talking sucks when your throat holds you hostage.

my usual defenses are: honey, allergy medicine- take your pick, orange juice- gotta have my vitamin c, and tea- usually mint.

however right now i am not sure what to try so i think i may try nyquil so i can sleep and tea… yes, this has to work! if not it’ll put me to bed feeling all warm and sedated 🙂


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