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twirling hair

into knots-

bound and unbound,

over and over

again; here we go…

talking faster

i can never master

the skill

of being

with another.


is my mantra

while cupid smites

me with a murder of arrows.

i still have my sorrow

of forgotten tomorrow-

maybe luck will be woven

into my coven of pain

maybe hope, as in

Pandora’s pitcher

will remain.


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so while I am still seeing or whatever-ing it’s called this guy I met online, meeting on Valentine’s Day was an epic fail! lol

recently he was sick & his phone crapped out on him & then a relative was hurt very bad in an accident. so, he has been playing nurse/help/kind relative to him. this means- no me, no nothing until his relative gets better.

so Valentine’s Day started off fine but went downhill fast. i was just in such a mood after losing quasi- positive ch’i i had going into evening- the result was me feeling crappy.

the upside, there is some hope we will meet next time i am in town for some show on the 25th w/my BFF extraordinaire 🙂

we’re in peace talks for a summit that wknd. lol. – eh just being goofy.

despite such barriers, we are still smitten for lack of better word, w/one another- and so it goes.

p.s. thanks to those that have encouraged me to hang in there & not feel need to constantly bring up my previous encounter w/someone.

i know they mean well to caution me but when it comes to being smitten, there are no rules. also, i’ve wasted many opportunities in the past by being more sensible and w/o passion, gusto or any form of enthusiasm.


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my heart was left for dead

but deep inside, it was fresh and ripe.

someone bit into my heart the other day,

and left a mark behind…

confused, i picked up my heart to see

if any damage was done to me

– just wait and see i thought:

pain and failure in love,

is the only gift

time has ever bought.

yet curiosity draws me near

as i bounce the little heart

in the palm of my hand

i begin to see

an image of me

with a smile for all to see.

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