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no last stand

fire and brimstone rolled over the hills and plains of texas.

leaders met at the great red granite;

their minions rose up and praised their own morals and self importance.

nevertheless, an unruly mob challenged those leaders and their minions.

the unruly mob exercised their own right to assemble and their own freedom of speech;

however, the leaders denied the huddled masses

and scoffed at their unity and their message.

but those tired- the women, the men, the working poor

wouldn’t go go quietly- not then and not now.

their submission would not be the victory for the self-righteous leaders.

they would battle on for those not able to speak-

the ones that will get left behind and undermined,

by silver-tongued politicians and shady policy.

these preachy voices, those with necessary means, 

tend to over-look the needs of the many, the have nots,

and women like you and me.



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ya know i was going to keep quiet but i think i would again offer my 2 cents on matter. I think the bigger picture of what happened yesterday (in TX), is this: gov’t entity dictating policy over portion of population- women, w/reg. to health care. this effects women as a whole. other thing at isue, is matter of choice- as one of my friend’s put it: I’m pro-life but I’m also pro- choice. The right for a women to decide what is best for her individually is what is being threatened. I feel that right to choose is being taken away; remember: we do have our own individual stories which may bring a need for certain actions to be taken for our well being.

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now i wonder how many of these same people in support of such a measure, would approve of the gov’t. involvement with gun policies? i am sure many would be outraged and would not stand for gov’t telling them what to do about their guns or right to keep them. YET, something similar is happening in TX right now… TX legislature is meeting to decide on issues concerning a women’s choice regarding her health care needs. Sorry but I don’t like the idea of not being to choose what is best for me health wise and it really doesn’t sit too well for me that the choice is not even up to me but to a TX legislature. So if something happens regarding my health care needs, can I send them the bill???

Special session? really? what about a special session to fix crappy education in TX or to ensure every Texan has access to affordable health care?

Also, it irks me a bit that people that have the necessary means to afford health care and any mistake they make/it gets brushed under carpet… are dictating what is best for me health wise. I have been jobless for some time and I am looking for employment each day. I haven’t had health care in 5 yrs. so having people decide for me “what is best,” scares me and does not instill a sense of government working for me. I want my right to choose either way.

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Gee I love living in a state that cares about my health as a woman! <insert eye roll> The needs of the many should outweigh the preachy voices of a few- just saying. God help me if I am ever raped and need to get an abortion b/c of that & have to go miles to get one. Given my fancy salary I am sure that could easily be done- oh wait, I don’t have a job, let alone medical insurance- damn… guess I’ll have to have that baby & be a burden on the system as I struggle. At least I was able to save a life. Maybe some of these pro-lifers will help me raise child, seeing as they were so eager to make sure I keep it/prevent me from taking care of situation based on MY own well being. Just saying,  Hehe…

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