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The woman in white walks in and out of the patches of graves.
She looks for the children that might be there.
Though she met with a bloody end from an affair,
She hopes to make good by helping those more than fair.
Sometimes you see her in her white gown,
Cradling dead babies and hugging kids that come around.
If you see her, leave a thoughtful gift,
or else you’ll see her temperament begin to shift.


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A woman came to the window
as my son played between the glow of moonlight
and the dim light of a lamp.

I heard the scream and ran toward my son’s room
but he was gone.
All I saw in his place was the grey lady’s face.

I fell to my knees and cried
as the grey lady’s long bony hands
extended from her gaunt frame.

She held my face in her hands
and whispered you’ll never see him again.
Her eyes were sunken and rotted into dimples of decay.

Then a voice from behind me said mommy, “now you see her too?”
My son’s face flashed in my mind as the grey lady snapped my head left, then right
and my son said, “time for goodnight.”

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There once was a woman that died in a well;
her calculating lover condemned her to hell.
On a sleigh ride he took her in arm,
only to lead her to bloody harm.
A trial was held,
her lover on the stand-
but a few men, lent a helping hand.
They smeared her reputation;
her demise, their infatuation.
As a result, her lover went free-
yet she’d have revenge on the three,
that held justice in balance
but instead, sought further disturbance
for the lady-dead.
Her lonely end found some afterlife joy,
When the three men met with sudden end,
and eternity within a black void.

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