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If you wish it to rain, then let it rain!

I walk past the plants and often hear the ground whisper,

they all have the secret desire

to cry out from lack of water.

And do be mindful of the animals;

while seeking rain in their own way,

they can not keep up with such storms

in the manner humans and nature try to uphold.

We all do our best to weather

the boastful winds and posturing rain.

Please be mindful of this humble refrain,

each time you wish to let it rain.


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the Road UnEven

they were no bonnie and clyde

she only wanted a ride

they drove down the grainy road

in a convertible for two.

how little she knew

how his temper often blew

she failed to mention the coming turn

she failed to shut up

so his fire began to burn

and his rage began to churn.

he pulled over on the uneven road

he grabbed her by the hair

and pulled her toward his cold stare

out came the blade

he would use to shave;

he slit her throat

and slits upon her body,

but he wasn’t done.

he stabbed her in such a way

to leave holes for her soul to bray;

when he was done

he counted 21

21 holes and 21 slits,

for the girl he left in the ditch.

he then drove off

thinking he was better off,

he began to hum,

One More for the Road.


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80 feet deep and a mile long

bones escorted me

with their solemn song.

i walked along the morbid path,

to where history bade me a welcome,

with a rectangular plaque.

beneath the needless stirrings of self important city

i ran into my deeper, second self

and saw her bony hands,

extend themselves.

i didn’t shriek,

i didn’t grin.

i just thought—

now how do i put this,

to paper and pen.



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