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so I am reading, The Voice by James Kaplan. Those that don’t know by now, I am a Sinatra fan and I like to read- so there you have it, a nearly perfect union on my mind ūüėČ

The biography is wonderful to read and has a flow as smooth and flavorful as the Jack Daniel’s Mr. S & I prefer as our poison. Well, in the book I read a chapter last night that talked about the song A Foggy Day. Now I adore this song and had my own theory as to why it sounded the way it did- actually I was wrong but more on that some other time. In any case the feeling the song gives you is actually something I got right- score one for the Cookie! Anyhoo, the song gave me the idea to write a poem which I will Attempt here, lol.

A foggy day I met you there-

in back of a truck

it was our luck

that brought us to the airport

that night in the spring

our laughter meant everything.

A foggy day I saw you there-

in the mail room

with thoughts in bloom

a snake wrapped in my arms

we meant you no harm

a spark of chatter ignited everything.

A foggy day I saw you there-

noise all around 

my heart hit the ground?

I was probably drunk

you were too?

– doesn’t matter, I still adore you.

A foggy day and you weren’t there-

fear, heart and spark of two minds

left me behind.

Each time I write

with warmth or gore in ample supply

I search in vain for what made me go blind.


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my lack of sleep and ill mood due to annoying calls at 8am, left me in sleep mode all afternoon until work. this also left me w/o time to post: Happy Birthday Chairman, Mr. S, Frank, etc.

I often wish I had enough brains at the time to see him perform while he was alive but alas, my mind was not nearly as thoughtful as the day he died; that whole wknd. kept me indoors playing Sinatra albums and having them repeat repeat in my ear.

If i did not have work i would’ve gone to an Italian joint and had a jack and coke in honor or Mr.S… but alas i could not do that. I think while pet sitting, i’ll watch a Sinatra movie and make some pasta and have a jack n coke and possibly listen to Sinatra songs into the night until I fall asleep- <insert swoon>

to me Sinatra is awesome. check out his performance in From Here to Eternity- which earned him an Oscar, or check out his more Oscar worthy¬†performance¬†in ¬†Man with the Golden Arm- wow, that movie always makes me tear up. You’ll see if you check it out but all i can say is what an honest performance, it’s like when he sings… his heart really is on a string, that or bouncing along the air, hitting and seeping into everything his voice touches.

Sinatra also reminds me of the time that bred men like my father. my father is a tough guy but like Sinatra, has a sensitive side buried beneath layers of sarcasm, rough environment, etc.; in a strange way, i’ve become a lot like my father so i find i can relate to Sinatra’s songs and movies in a more thoughtful manner . If you get a chance, read The Voice, it’s a biography of Sinatra that reads like a smooth novel or reads in the same smooth manner Sinatra would deliver a song.

the book talks a lot about where Sinatra’s personality came from- the various figures he met while starting his musical career and especially his mother. the stuff in the early chapters kept having me go- wow, him too?! all i can say is that i would have certainly had a lot to talk about with him about emotions, mothers, nervous energy and sleepless nights.

not sure what more i can say but Happy Belated Birthday where ever you are Mr. Sinatra, the world is certainly at a loss w/o musical and creative talent like yours.


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i have already watched a bit of tv and read from two books- Sinatra biography & book on Symbols, etc. now i’m not sure what to do… it sounds silly i am sure but i’m not awake enough to continue reading but i’m not sleepy enough to attempt sleep. i suppose that explains what i am doing online blogging, but then i don’t even know what to blog about exactly! grrr.

perhaps i will try a poem?!


i tripped on the milky way

and fell into my cosmic center

i wiped star dust from my knees 

and looked up, into cloudy arms of the galaxy

i coughed up signs of life

and saw myself beat the speed of light

comets came my way

but my supernova kept them at bay

i became a telescope

for crag-like dreams

and airy hope.

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