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she tripped on a present

and fell down the stairs

no hope that santa

would ever be there

the blood ran down

and all around

not a creature stirred

no toy uttered a sound

her muffled cries

formed no holiday song

carolers were sick

and stayed home

while snow fell outside

and jack frost killed the air


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now for the past few days i’ve been taking Nacho, sassy dog i’ve been pet sitting, on walks through the neighborhood- night and day; and well, what the ?! is up w/christmas decorations? now call me traditional or sentimental- whatever, but some of the decor i just don’t get.

now i see the point of santa (though i never believed in him growing up; if so, where is his fat ass so he can pay my student loans) and i see the point of those elves or cheap labor he employs, and then there are the reindeer that impossibly pull the fat man about the globe… and i see the point of the other “holiday” type of characters that santa “lives” with or near, in the north pole- whatever….

but what the crap does a turtle w/a santa hat and various other animals and characters have to do Directly, w/christmas? why do i see a porcupine with sunglasses in a snow globe w/a crab in santa hat or why do i see christmas lights in the shape of bananas? seriously?

and for that matter- people: just b/c it is in christmas section of store, does not mean you have to litter your lawn w/the ridiculous… yes, btw, i am the very same person that enjoys 37th street or whatever it is in austin that decks out in lights and such oddball decorations. i guess, even for me, some of it is well- an eyesore… or as i sit alone, coming up on the 24th & 25th,  perhaps some if not all my spirit for season is just really not there. if i may direct you to earlier christmas posting about not doing anything christmas-y this year.

anyway, enjoy your holiday and all the gaudy monstrosity it brings.

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Upon request, I created an outlet for my poetry via word press.  I’m still getting the hang of it- all of the options remind me of an episode of Venture Brothers. In an episode, the Monarch holds his head and sits there saying, buttons! there’s just so many buttons! Lol, now while I’m not at that level of angst yet, I do get the general idea of how he feels 🙂

Follow along if you wish. One project I have coming up is centered on one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. I intend to post a new poem for each day, leading up to the day of black and orange… and costumed candy hunters.

Christmas, my other favorite holiday, will also get some attention in the form of poems or thoughts. I may create a series of posts from the perspective of my reindeer purse (pictures to follow). Who knows, stay tuned…

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