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The shiny red car zipped along,
the bugs and asphalt could barely hold on.

On the right, blue waves waved hello as an ocean shore stood watch,
to the left, trees and houses were scattered about, scarcely a match.

A faint image rested ahead along the beaten road,
shacks broken and spirits caught among the nets;
shattered lobster tails littered dank and rotted planks of the piers.

The shiny red car zipped along,
they wanted to arrive to greet the first song.
But plans changed when the driver veered;
He swerved left then right, and wrestled the car
through the wasted shacks and into the nets,
fear cascaded amongst the usual suspects.

The blue waves crashed and tangled with the shiny red car.
All four inside fought to break out,
but only one managed to part the waters and
snake their way through the wreckage and the dead.
He tore through the water and forced the blue waves aside,
the rocky shore lent him its grained cold shoulder as a guide.

The next year he returned to the same beaten road between land and shore
only to find a sign that read, dead end.
Three crosses of shell, rocky shore and grained sand
jetted out to offer an extended hand.
Paralyzed with guilt, he clutched his throat and cried.
A crooked grin transformed him with each chuckle that emerged;
“they’ll never know what happened then- they got what they deserved.”


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