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my problem with TX

is that there’s not a thing called a season known as WINTER- and now i have to suffer for it, not just me but other loved ones of mine as well.

i hate my allergies. they have reduced me to a crying little girl. my eyes water at the sight of everything and anything…

those damn progressive ads i hate so much w/that twit named flo- yeah flo can flo to hell!


and now my sinuses have conspired against me- and of all the wknds to do so?! i’ve got opera tickets dammit and a date! this shit better go the way of the dinosaurs by at least saturday!

anyone got any ideas to curb if not stop my watery eyes & the swollen sinuses, aside from me gouging my sinus area out w/a mellon scooper and ripping out my eyeballs and soaking them in eye drops for allergy relief/itchy watery eyes???

and no, i am not that extreme to do such a thing however, some gruesome poems concerning allergies may surface w/in the next few days.



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sore throat

so it would appear that i have a sore throat and must somehow tame it before the wknd. i have this gig where i call people so i have to be able to talk but talking sucks when your throat holds you hostage.

my usual defenses are: honey, allergy medicine- take your pick, orange juice- gotta have my vitamin c, and tea- usually mint.

however right now i am not sure what to try so i think i may try nyquil so i can sleep and tea… yes, this has to work! if not it’ll put me to bed feeling all warm and sedated 🙂


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