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in the morning

i curl up in my blanket of tattoos

the colors pop all around me

the words roll through me

i wrap myself deeper in warmth and soft skin

the lines and shading draw me deeper

*       *       *

an unlikely alice i trip into

my inked beauty

until i stop at the subtle cheshire cat grin

that never fails to coax me in

the hatter within is smashing plates and cups left and right

tea pours out in shades of red

a motley scene though not one of fright

but of restrained creation

during our lonely flight.


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Why do all think I am she?

She can not hold a candle to me!

I am the one my creator

refers to as, a blind fury!

I make all scurry

and quake

from head to toe;

irascible me

is what they must sow.

I am the Queen of Hearts,

not some damn,

obedient tart!

Let her rule rhyme and reason

for me it’s killing season.

My King of Hearts

I do keep in check

with stern-passionate speech

and perhaps a chop to the neck.

Yes, not I

would ever stoop so beneath me

to be a little Red Queen.




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the Red Queen

moves up and out 

back down, and in again.

she paces about her quarters

amongst subjects and kin;

on a whim she writes-

her thoughts stumble out in calm poetry or prose.

despite her travels and meandering mind,

by his side is her duty,

joy and bind.

the Red Queen

moves up and out 

back down, and in again.

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